2 01, 2019

The 4 Benefits of Being Proactive at Work

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  Controlling your workload instead of letting it control you? What is a better feeling than that? Proactive employees are more relaxed, stress-free and are generally more on top of their work. They’re prepared and know what their schedule is like in the future and SO much more! Keep reading to find out what the perks of being a proactive employee in the workplace are, below! […]

7 12, 2016

The Importance of Being a Proactive Employee

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You may have seen job descriptions that are looking for a ‘self-motivated’ person, or someone who is a real ‘go-getter’. While the latter isn’t the most professional term, both of these descriptors find their way into job descriptions. So what companies using this lingo really looking for? They want a proactive worker. Read on below for more reasons why people with this quality are in demand by employers. […]


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