11 02, 2019

How to Analyze a Job Description

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The better you understand how a typical job description is built, the easier it will be to assess if you’re interested and/or qualified for the position. To help, we’re giving examples of each section of a job description and then tips on how to read them. Of course, some companies are brief in their description, and others are extremely thorough. So while the details of a job description will vary, the purpose of them remains the same. Let’s dive in! […]

19 05, 2017

Link Roundup 5/19/17: Job Interview Tips

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This week we have some great advice on what some consider the scariest part of the hiring process: job interviews. This one on one conversation can dictate whether or not you move on in the process, and it can be quite unnerving! Thankfully we have some links that can help you approach unique situations that may come up. For instance, if you decide to not show for a job interview, there’s a few steps you should follow. All that and more can be found in the links below from this week. […]

8 06, 2016

Interview Q: What Were Your Responsibilities in Your Last Job?

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Today’s question is one that is extremely common to have asked, “What were your responsibilities at your last job?”. What seems like a simple check on what you’ve done in the past may be nothing more than that. However, answering in the correct way can win you points, and answering wrong can hurt you. There’s a few important things to keep in mind when answering, but before we move on, let’s discuss a process to make answering this question a breeze. […]

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