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25 03, 2019

Should My Resume Have a Skills Section?

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When it comes to building a resume, there are lots of things to consider. What's the number of jobs I should include? How much information do I need to provide for each job? Should I have a separate skills section? We won't be covering the first two today, but regarding skills, the short answer is, yes. Read this short and to the point blog, to find out why having a section for skills on your resume is crucial! The Benefits of a Skills Section We all know including skills on your resume is a no brainer. However, is it worth it to include [...]

14 08, 2017

How To Showcase Soft Skills in Your Job Search

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Soft skills are a crucial component of every position. While they may not be listed in the job description, they are just as important as any technical skills. ‘Hard working’, ‘strong communicator’, ‘organized’, and all of those types of skills are important, sometimes enough so to be on a job description. Obviously as a candidate you want to indicate to your hiring manager that you have these skills, but how? In today’s blog we’ll describe how you can convey these in a way that is professional and tasteful. […]

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