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22 11, 2017

Giving Thanks Will Help Your Job Search

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We’re almost towards the end of November, when everyone gathers around a table with lots of food beside family and friends to give thanks. Giving thanks allows us to realize everything we value in our lives, and those people who support us. However, being thankful shouldn’t just be done on Thanksgiving. In fact, it could greatly benefit your job search! Today we’ll explain why you should be thankful in your job search, and how it could help you! […]

17 11, 2017

Link Roundup: The 2017 Job Market at a Glance

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The modern job market looks very different from that of only a few years ago. What people are looking for, and how they're preparing is much different. Social media giants like Facebook and LinkedIn are stepping up their job search capabilities, making it ever important to have updated profiles. In today's blog we'll share articles that cover how to update your digital presence, and what to expect from the job market. This Year in Job Search: A Look at Trends Around the World in 2017 This blog from Indeed utilizes the site's vast amount of data to see what is [...]

19 06, 2017

Composing the Perfect Thank You Note

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After you’ve sat down for an interview, sending a thank you note is an important next step. It shows the interviewer that you value their time, and that you behave professionally. It also leaves a positive impression during the time when they are choosing who advances. Some hiring managers won’t even consider an applicant unless they send a thank you note. Suffice to say, sending a thank you note is in your best interest as a job seeker. Even if you want to write one though, there’s still the challenge of figuring out what to write. Today, we’re here to [...]

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