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5 01, 2017

Why Organization Matters at Work

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There are so many traits that can make someone a valuable employee. But oftentimes, the most important ones go forgotten. Of course, you need technical skills to succeed in any job, but organization matters too! It’s actually way more valuable of a trait than you may think. Although it goes without saying, organizational skills play a big role in how you work. To start, we’ll be discussing the benefits that being organized at work has to offer, as well as a few tips on how to do so. […]

1 12, 2016

Top Traits: Passionate

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  Today we will once again be focusing on a specific trait. This trait is one of many that make up an ideal employee. Today’s trait we are focusing on is passion. Passionate workers make fantastic employees for multiple reasons. We’ll break down those reasons, and how they relate to being passionate about your work below. […]

17 11, 2016

Top Traits: Autonomous

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In this new blog series we’ll be discussing top qualities and traits an ideal employee would have. As a job seeker, you should highlight these traits if you have them, and try to develop them if not. Branching off of our ‘Top 10 Qualities of an Ideal Employee’ blog, we’ll discuss one trait in depth per blog. Today’s trait is ‘autonomous’. While your mind may jump to the image of a robot, we’re not talking about quite that much autonomy. […]


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