Controlling your workload instead of letting it control you? What is a better feeling than that? Proactive employees are more relaxed, stress-free and are generally more on top of their work. They’re prepared and know what their schedule is like in the future and SO much more! Keep reading to find out what the perks of being a proactive employee in the workplace are, below!

Proactive vs. Reactive

There are two types of employees in the workplace; the people who are proactive and the people who are reactive. The people who plan ahead and the people who are always one step behind. Reactive employees are employees who will do what is absolutely necessary. Reactive employees typically won’t start tasks or projects ahead of time and therefore can end up constantly falling behind. A proactive employee is someone who is always doing more than necessary and even prior to the due date to get ahead.

1. You’re Prepared and Alleviate Problems

When you are proactive, you are always ahead of the due date. You think about the possible scenarios that could occur and act accordingly. By doing this, not much can derail you even when unexpected situations come your way.  When you give yourself time to complete tasks ahead of time, you allow feedback prior to when the work is actually due. This allows you to easily correct any mistakes or revisions without having to worry about meeting a deadline.

2. It Reduces Stress

When you are a reactive employee, you barely make deadlines or always feel like you are falling behind. When this happens the amount of workload piles up, and you’re never fully caught up. Therefore you’ll never have enough time to assess or review your work carefully because you will always be concerned with trying to just complete your tasks and move onto the next thing. When you are a proactive employee you don’t run into these “panic” mindsets as often, reducing stress and even errors.

3 You’re Self- Aware

When you are a proactive employee, you are in control. You understand where you fall short because you’re prepared for any obstacles. This allows you to self-reflect and become an even better employee. You see where you excel and you see what things take more time, allowing you to prepare ahead even more.

4. You Have a Peace of Mind

When you’re proactive, you to know what the days ahead consist of. You generally have things completed beforehand and know when things are coming up. You get a great rep in the office because you are reliable and always complete your workload on time. Knowing that tasks/projects can be thrown at you any time of the day and you can handle it because you prepared yourself, is a great feeling and makes work WAY more enjoyable!