Seeing candidates come and go in recruiting give us a great idea of what to do and what NOT to do in an interview. We’ve noticed that most of the “not so great” interviews have a similar pattern to them. We’ve narrowed it down to the 7 types of interviewees candidates can become during interviews. Read more to find out what they are, and make sure you don’t accidentally become one of them!

The Ghoster

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We have all experienced that one time you were in contact with someone and then out of the blue, they just… ghost. Without warning, responses, nothing. Interviewees can do the same! An interview is scheduled and then the interviewee doesn’t show up- no call, no show. Or better yet after the interview, the interviewee never answers! If the job wasn’t a good fit, being honest is always better. It nips it in the bud and allows both parties to leave on good terms.

The Money Man

This is the person who shows up to an interview only caring about the compensation. Of course, money isn’t a bad thing and it SHOULD be discussed.  But when an interviewee approaches the interview focused solely on the paycheck and gives off little interest about the actual job, it doesn’t set a great impression. The interviewer doesn’t want to feel that the person is already thinking about the next company they can call.

The Zombie

The zombie is someone who goes into an interview with not much to give. They’re expressionless and seemingly uninvolved. Whether it’s lack of sleep, lack of excitement or just the attitude they carry, the interviewer is not going to be satisfied meeting with someone who doesn’t give anything back. If you feel this may be you, reschedule at a better time so you can put your best foot forward.

 The Two- Facer

This is the interviewee who falsely puts skills or jobs on their resume. Although it may allow the interviewee to get in the door, two things can go wrong. They are not only doing the employer a disservice by possibly hiring someone who is not fit for the job, but it can also hurt the interviewee as well IF they get accepted and then have to perform job duties that they may not actually know how to do (but said they did). Even worse, the employer could soon realize that the interviewee didn’t perform those tasks, acquire those skills or take that job after calling some references. So better to keep your resume as honest as possible- because when you find the right job that fits your skill set you can only excel and go up from there.

The Shy Mumbler

The shy mumbler is someone who has a hard time communicating. Whether it’s their nerves or anxiety, discomfort or they just simply don’t speak up, they have a hard time having a normal and fluent conversation. You want to be as forward, and as confident as possible. So try to push your worries aside, and even practice having mock conversations if it helps you! But make sure you are speaking clearly and confidently, it gives off a better impression as well.

The Class Clown

We all know one. The person who makes a joke out of everything and can’t take anything seriously. Although these people are extremely entertaining, you do not want to be one of these when you are in an interview. If you joke too much, it may seem like you are disinterested or mocking the job. And you can even offend the employer without even meaning to! So while a joke here and there is great to keep it light, try to be as professional and show them you are serious.

The Robot

This is exactly what it sounds like. This is the person who memorized responses and has no emotion behind their answers. Although this may come off like you are prepared, it actually can hurt your interview. The employer will know that they are rehearsed and it can actually seem dishonest. So of course have an idea of what you want to say, and even practicing is fine too- but always put your personality and emotion behind your answers and reasoning.

If any of these sounds like something you may have done, comment below with which tip helped you that you are going to try out next time! And best of luck with your job search in the future!