Whether you’ve been in the same career for decades, just graduated college, or you’re in the in-between of switching careers – receiving useful career advice is always beneficial. Here are 8 pieces of advice you need right now.

1. Volunteer (but not just for what you think)

Volunteering is not just about the community service, doing a good deed, or having an impressive resume. Volunteering is a way that you can get experience and will allow you to get your foot in the door and learn. For example, if you’re looking for management experience, volunteer to shadow under a manager. If you are looking for marketing experience, volunteer to assist with the marketing department of a company. By volunteering your time for free – you give yourself the experience you may not have gotten, you learn, and in addition, you can build connections that may be a steppingstone to your next venture.

2.  Become a Go-to Person

If you want to bring value, find something you’re good at that people to need your help with. Whether it’s coworkers at work, clients or customers. But focus on your expertise and develop a skill that people can come to you for.

3. Take Action

You can say you are going to do something, but until you do it – the words don’t hold much weight. You’ll gain more respect, be more successful and feel more fulfilled by showing your skills, completing tasks and following through. Rather than being the person making statements without executing. “Under promise and over deliver”. Always.

4. Play a Part in Making an Impact

One of the best ways to feel most fulfilled in your career – is doing something that makes an impact. Whether it’s for work, a hobby, or something you volunteer for – you will feel more inspired, motivated and satisfied when you feel that what you are doing effects a larger picture.

5. Find A Mentor

The idea of having a mentor is not just for certain people. Having someone that you look up to as a leader and someone who can give you sound and unbiased advice is crucial in helping you grow. Regardless of where you’re at in life – having a mentor will greatly improve many aspects of your life. They will keep you striving, setting goals and pushing your potential, and who doesn’t need someone like that in their life?

6. Be a Problem-Solver

You’re going to be faced with situations, issues, or struggles – that’s inevitable. But if you are the person who looks for solutions, you’ll find problems are much easier to solve. “Don’t find problems, find solutions”. The best advice you can carry on throughout your life. Obstacles won’t last as long, feel as heavy, or derail you as much when you learn to assess, address the situation and make a plan. In the wise words of Joseph Sommerville, “People avoid complainers. They seek out problem-solvers”. Be a problem solver.

7. Fuel Positivity

Along with being a problem solver, being positive is another simple, yet extremely important piece of advice. Whether you look for the good in every situation, or you look for the negative in every situation – you’ll find it. By being positive and surrounding yourself with positive people – you not only will be happier, but you’ll discover how much it impacts the outcome and the people around you.

8. Actively Run Self-Checks

One of the best ways that you can ensure that you are on the right path, making the right choices, and focusing on the bigger picture of what’s important is consistently checking in with yourself. Assess where you’re at, where you want to go and if you’re doing what you need to get there. The more frequently you do this, the more you’ll ensure you’re on track.


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