leaving a job

We’ve all been there; ready to up and leave a job and start anew. Making a decision like this shouldn’t be on a whim! These decisions should take thought and time. You never want to make a decision you may regret because you’re in a bad mood ONE day. But, maybe this feeling has been eating you up for months now. Whatever it may be, check out some of the right and wrong reasons for leaving a job below.

The Right Reasons

No Opportunities for Growth

If you have seniority at your current job and have proven that you’re excelling, there’s no reason that a promotion or climb up the corporate ladder would be a problem. But, sometimes companies are too small to offer an opportunity for growth and we have to look elsewhere. Or maybe you’ve for some reason been denied and believe that you’re more deserving than they are realizing. Sitting in a position with no growth will certainly affect your productivity, quality of work, and motivation in a negative way. When you believe it’s time to move on, it’s time.

You Lack Passion

Aforementioned, getting in a routine and not having any opportunity for growth can hinder our passion. Sometimes, feelings change. Maybe something we loved doing doesn’t excite us as much as it used to, and that’s okay. Be sure that it isn’t just a fluke or down day though. If the lack of passion is continuous, then there is a problem and maybe it’s time to move on.

Offered a Bigger and Better Opportunity

Finding a new job or opportunity isn’t easy and when it happens, sometimes we just have to go for it! Especially if this is your dream job on your fingertips. Whether it’s a position now open that you’ve been eyeing or an opportunity proposed to you by a business connection, it’s worth it. Never give up on something that you really want.

No Longer Fits in Your Life Plan

As we get older, sometimes life hits us with unexpected or expected changes. Maybe you’re thinking about having children or are looking to move. It’s important to have some flexibility and work-life balance during times like these. Unfortunately, not every job works out that way. If your job is no longer providing the flexibility you need, look into other positions and companies that can offer it to you.

The Wrong Reasons

You Made a Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, not one, but a few from time to time! Making a mistake should never make you feel like you have to quit. If that is the case, we’d constantly be job-hopping! Of course, it’s not a good feeling to make a mistake, but facing these mistakes helps us grow. Learning from experiences helps us become the great employee that we’re all striving to be!

Going Through a Rough Patch

Having a few tough days is, of course, different than having a life-changing circumstance that can affect our jobs in the long-term. If you’re considering leaving your job because you’re dealing with a few blimps or rough days, try to hold on! Look at your job as an opportunity to escape what may be going on at home or in your personal life.

You Feel like You Don’t Know Enough

Never think you don’t have the skills to do your job, because you wouldn’t have been hired if the recruiter or hiring manager didn’t think you were capable! If there is a skill that you think would be beneficial to have in your position, go out and learn it. Take an online course, shadow someone who has that skill, or keep practicing until you get there. If you don’t know something, go learn it!

Peer Pressure

Sometimes we are influenced by our friends and family and don’t even realize it. Family tends to have a lot of input on schooling and careers. Don’t let them get to you! Always do what YOU want to do. This is YOUR career and life. In the end, they’ll be happy if you’re happy.

We hope these examples help you decide what you should do the next time you are torn about staying or leaving a position. Always do what’s best for YOU!