In this new blog series we’ll be discussing top qualities and traits an ideal employee would have. As a job seeker, you should highlight these traits if you have them, and try to develop them if not. Branching off of our ‘Top 10 Qualities of an Ideal Employee‘ blog, we’ll discuss one trait in depth per blog. Today’s trait is ‘autonomous’. While your mind may jump to the image of a robot, we’re not talking about quite that much autonomy.

The Importance of Autonomy to a Manager

As a manager, you want to have a certain amount of control and direction with your employees. You oversee projects, manage who does what, and keep up team morale. You also expect that after work has been assigned, your employees will carry it out on their own. Being autonomous in this fashion is a quality that is extremely recognizable by management, since it lightens their workload.

From the eyes of a manager, a good employee will do the work assigned, and ask questions when they need help. A great employee will do the work, and figure out most of the problems that arise on their own. This way they don’t need to take up the manager’s time unless it’s absolutely necessary. Being able to work autonomously is a great skill for any employee. It saves time, because no moments are wasted bringing problems up the chain. Being an employee that doesn’t need to be micromanaged will make your supervisor will be more trusting of you. Once that trust is built, they will likely allow you to work on larger projects and appreciate your work more often.

Getting on the Correct Path to Being Autonomous

You should note it’s not expected that you begin working autonomously right after you are hired. After you are hired is a time of learning, so you shouldn’t feel bad about asking questions and being curious. Overtime, you should try and move away from the dependence of others in completing tasks. Focus on trying to problem solve on your own, even if it’s out of your comfort. This will put you on the correct path to being an autonomous employee.

The final point regarding autonomy is that while it’s great to work and accomplish things on your own, it’s also important to stress your accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to request a meeting or sit-down with your boss to go over everything you’ve accomplished recently. Working autonomously is great, but you don’t want your achievements to go unrecognized. Make sure you find a way to inform your superior of the work you’ve done. Please let us know if you enjoy the new blog series in the comments!