Un healthy man falls asleep at his desk.

We’re back again with another top trait that most good employees have. Today we’ll be focusing on why it’s important for any good employee to be healthy. We’re not implying that anyone with an especially strong immune system would make a better employee. No, what we’re really saying is that a strong employee will make choices that lead them to be healthy. This will benefit their personal life, but also their work life. We’ll discuss how after the break.

Under the Weather

As a manager, you ideally hope that all of your employees stay healthy, and happy. A healthy employee is a productive employee. When someone at a company gets sick, they either have to take a sick day, or come in late. This disrupts workflow, and also makes it harder for the worker to play catch up once they recover. This doesn’t mean if you’re prone to sickness you can’t be a good employee. It simply means that you should make smart choices when it comes to your own health.

Understand that when you are hired, you are expected to act in a certain way. Instead of your time being your own, it now is shared between you and your new company. Getting enough sleep and doing other small things that will keep you healthy now impact you and your company as well.

Staying Happy & Healthy

Making smart and healthy choices is now mutually beneficial. If an employee decides to make choices that cause them to be sick often, it impacts their own productivity, and the productivity of those depending on them. Do your best to make sure you stay in good health for your own sake, and for the sake of your employer. That’s not to say you should be incredibly health conscious once you’re hired.

Make sure your choices don’t impede your ability to be at work either physical or mentally. This is a great choice for the company, but also for you as an employee. If you do constantly make choices that affect your health and ability to work, it won’t go unnoticed by your employer. They can only tolerate you being tired at work and falling asleep at your desk so many times. Be smart and make smart choices that will keep you a happy and productive employee.