This week, we welcomed two new interns to our team.  We typically offer one to two internships per semester, providing students with backgrounds ranging from accounting to technology and of course, human resources, an opportunity to learn the recruiting industry. Our internships involve real recruiting experience, networking, and other components that prepare students for a full-time job in recruiting or related area.  Completing an internship prior to applying for a full-time position in your career field is one of the most valuable experiences you can have, one that is extremely influential to hiring managers reviewing your resume.

Often times students really enjoy their experience and would welcome the opportunity to work full-time for the company they’re interning for.  The infographic below provides some useful tips for interning to get hired, as well as how to find great internship opportunities. It’s never too soon to get serious about a career, and we hope these tips will guide you in a positive, exciting direction!


Infographic - Interns