LinkedIn is an incredibly popular professional social networking tool that is used by millions of workers across the globe. In it’s most basic form, it acts as a virtual resume, which exists for potential employers to see. At this point the site is so popular if you’ve been searching for a job, you likely already have an account. However, if you’re holding out from using it, or just haven’t heard of it, read on. We’ll explain the benefits of using the social platform below.

Resumes In the Digital Age

There are a number of reasons that LinkedIn is so popular. To start, it’s a great way to develop a professional presence online. Your profile on LinkedIn works as an extended version of your resume. There’s no faux pas you commit here in terms of length either. LinkedIn is all about showing the entirety of your professional experience and accomplishments online.

Young Man Doing Volunteer Work

Volunteer work, education, work experience and awards all have a place on your LinkedIn profile.

You can list your education, work experience, volunteer/outreach, awards, and organizations you belong to. It’s a great way to showcase all you’ve done professionally. Recruiters like ourselves also look out for key talent, and reach out with job offers, even if they’re not looking. Wouldn’t it be great to receive job offers instead of hunting them down? LinkedIn is a way to accomplish that.

Benefits of Getting LinkedIn

Since it’s a website, it has all the benefits that follow, compared to the downsides of , say, a business card. Consider this scenario: you’re looking to change fields, and remember a great contact you met at the airport traveling for business. You got his/her business card, but misplaced it between now and when you met them a year ago. With LinkedIn, this problem solves itself. All your connections are here to stay, and they can be searched by name and industry.

Man Puts a Business Card in His Pocket

Unlike a business card, a LinkedIn connection can’t be lost.

Another benefit is that your LinkedIn profile will likely be the first hit when you search your name; so long as you don’t share the name with anyone else too noteworthy. Lastly, the website has it’s own job listings, which can be searched and applied too within the site. Many external sites like Indeed also let you apply with your LinkedIn Profile.

#1 Benefit

Behind the suite of all the other nifty features LinkedIn has integrated over the years, at it’s core, it’s simply a great way to stay connected. In the business world, it’s easy to lose sight of and forget what all of your colleagues are up to, and this is a great solution. Also, if you need to reach out with a personal message, LinkedIn removes the uncomfortable feeling of doing so, as it is common practice. If any of the reasons inspire you to join, don’t hesitate to do so- your career will be better for it.