man presenting ideas in meeting

Unfortunately, not every idea you come up with is going to be a winner and not everyone sees things in the same way. When a boss shoots down an idea, it can seem like the worst case scenario. But, it’s not the end of the world! Getting turned down and ditching the idea would be the bad route to take. Once you receive negative feedback, try to learn from it and never be afraid to ask questions for clarification. Open communication in the workplace helps improve a lot of aspects of job satisfaction. So, how do we bounce back when one of our ideas is shut down? By asking some of the important questions mentioned below!

What Would Change Your Mind/How Can I Improve This Idea?

Negative feedback doesn’t mean your idea is a no go. It may just mean your boss would like you to take a different approach or make some changes to the concept you’ve created. It’s important not to give up on an idea that you stand by so it’s ok to ask for some feedback on how to make the idea more attractive to your boss. Ask them what they do and don’t like about the idea and what kind of changes they would want to see. The answers you receive will help you understand what worked and didn’t. You can use this feedback to come up with something else even stronger. Collaborating with another person ultimately makes an idea or project even more effective. If you’re getting your boss’s input, there is a less likely chance they will say no the second time around.

Could I Bring This up Again in a Few Weeks/Months?

Unfortunately, not all bosses are open to suggestions or collaborating to form a stronger idea that works for both of you. It can be tough when someone is stubborn, shuts down your idea, and doesn’t give any feedback to help you improve. If you ask what would change their mind and they don’t give helpful suggestions, ask them if you could bring it up again in a few weeks or months. It’s possible that if you’re not receiving any negative feedback or reasoning as to why they didn’t like the idea, then maybe it’s the timing of the project. If they say yes, in the meantime, make some changes that you think would be beneficial and get them to change their mind for the next time you ask. By asking this question you’ll surely be able to gauge their true interest.

You may want to walk or run away after receiving negative feedback, but it’s important to hold your ground and ask the important questions. Never give up on an idea you believe in and think would make a difference!