Just like with anything else, the better prepared you are, the better off you’ll be, especially with a job interview. You’ll feel more confident, mentally prepared and won’t have to worry about those last minute regrets of why didn’t I bring that with me. We’ve compiled a list to help save some time.

Copies of Your Resume

Although you may not even need your resume, it’s good to have it on hand just in case. If there are any questions asked or anything that needs to be clarified, it will be much easier for you to reference if you have it sitting in front of you.


There is nothing worse than wanting to jot something down and realizing you have nothing to write with. Instead of catching the information right away, you have to ask for something to write with and cut off the flow of conversation. Having a pen available shows that you care enough to be prepared.


Notepads are one of those things that you may think you won’t need but are glad you brought. They’re great for questions that have been answered, questions you have that you don’t want to forget, important names, phone numbers etc. There’s nothing worse than trying to find the back of an informational packet to write something down. Be prepared.


Not all interviews discuss references. But having your references on hand keeps conversation smooth and easy and show that you’re prepared. You should have three people listed for your references with job title, name, and email so they are easy to contact.


Bring a portfolio to put your references, resume, and notepad in. A portfolio not only looks nice, but it keeps you organized by having all of your documents tucked away in one place.


Those instances where you desperately need a drink, have to pause to think of how to answer a question, or use water as a distraction to sip on – you’ll be happier having a bottle of water on hand.

Gum or Mints

Whether you want to make sure you have fresh breath or use gum/mint as a distraction, having one always a good idea. Just make sure if you do have gum you politely discard it before the interview. Smacking your gum during a conversation can be a huge turn-off.


You NEVER know when you’re going to wish you had these with you.  For those times when you sneeze and don’t want to use your sleeve, you’ll be happy you brought these.


Think of a few things about ahead of time you may want to ask the hiring manager. Having questions available shows you’re interested in and taking the interview seriously.

Spare Clothing

This is completely optional but also a good idea. Say you get a coffee on the way, or have breakfast before you go and something spills or stains your outfit, you have a backup without having to cancel or go home.

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