You may feel that your resume isn’t strong enough to land a job that you’re interested in. But if you’re considering fabricating information on your resume to help you– you should contemplate a few things. Below is a list of areas you should acknowledge, before lying on your resume.


If the jobs that you are applying to require certain skills that you don’t yet possess – don’t let this deter you from applying, or more importantly, from being honest. Qualifications on a resume are generally a “wish list” of the ideal candidate that the company is looking for. If you are dishonest about the skills on your resume, and you are asked about them in an interview – you will either have to address this misinformation – or you will further dig yourself into a hole that will eventually come to the surface. Instead, focus on the skills you do possess, and elaborate on those. They may even relate to the position you are looking for.

What About the Education Matters?

Regardless of a position requiring a certain level of education, you’ll want to reconsider before being dishonest on your resume and claiming education experience, without having the actual experience. Whether it be because you think it will improve your chances of being hired, or if it’s an actual requirement listed, either way, you should avoid doing so. The process of hiring changes daily and in today’s market, employers are starting to remove the expectation of required education – and are looking for skills and experience instead.

Background Checks and Records

When it comes to your background being honest about this is more important than you may think. If you’re in an interview or applying for a job and lie about your background – when the company performs a background check – the information you are leaving out will be revealed. And maybe the company would have considered you despite your history – but because you decided to be dishonest, the company by default must turn you away. And in turn, you’ve burned some bridges along the way.

Prior Work Experiences

If you’re dishonest about previous work experience, you’re more than likely going to have to address this at some point during the hiring process or during an interview. Because job history gets brought up and referred to during an interview –  you are going to struggle your way through or worse get caught in the lie and ruin your chances of being hired if you’re dishonest.

Look for Help

If you’re unsure how to present your skills and experience on your resume in a way that will benefit your search – consider utilizing a resume writing service. You’ll start by providing the necessary information and sharing what position you are looking to apply for. Our resume writing consultant will work on developing your resume, provide you with a draft, and you’ll be prompted to schedule a consultation in the office. This allows you to review the document, and if needed, make any last-minute changes until you’re satisfied. You’ll then receive detailed feedback, including a review of your resume’s appearance and content, and a prediction of a recruiter’s first impression. So if you feel that you have the right experience but are having a hard time expressing that on a resume, consider outsourcing the help.