job offers

Receiving multiple job offers can seem both exciting and overwhelming. You feel accomplished, yet you also feel torn. How do you make a choice? How do you make the right choice? What are the components you should consider to assist you in making a decision at all? We have a few tips for you to help you out, check them out!

Two Words: Written Offers

One of the easiest ways to move forward in the decision-making process is ensuring you have a written offer from the companies you are considering. If you don’t yet have a written offer from a job that you are highly considering, address to the company that you are extremely interested and are curious when you should be expecting to receive the written offer. And in the meantime, don’t make any decisions until you do. If not, nix that from your decision.

Be Open

If you have multiple job offers that you’re serious about, you’re better off being open about them. Inform the company that you have an interview or phone call for another offer to firm up before making your decision. Following, ask for a few more days if you think you’ll need it to give your answer. This will help take the pressures off trying to juggle and rush your decision and you’ll be able to weigh the options.

Asses The Components

Take into consideration all aspects of each job and ask yourself some of the following questions: What company will I have the most growth with? What company do I enjoy the company culture (so far) the most with? Do I like the location? Do I agree with the goals/mission of the company? Once you ask yourself questions like these, you’ll have a better idea on what choice you’re leaning towards.


Once you have completed your final phone calls or interviews, reevaluate. Instead of saying which company would I rather go with, think about the company you would regret NOT choosing. This usually helps you decide most honestly.

Send out Thank You’s

Once you make your decision, inform the company you want to move forward with and let them know how excited you are to move forward and take the job and thank them for their patience. You also want to address the offers you chose not to accept. A simple “thank you for your time and offer” and letting them know you went with another opportunity at this time will close the chapter and end things on civil terms. Then you know you can move forward knowing you didn’t burn any bridges and can start your new journey.