Curious to know what you should or shouldn’t put on your resume? Like a photo? Or personal interests? How do you know what will be helpful and what can potentially hurt your chances of being considered for a position? We’ve got you covered it today’s link roundup, below.

Should I Include a Picture?  Pros, Cons, & Examples

Is a picture on your resume a strength? Or something that could negatively impact you? Either way, there are a few things you should consider prior to adding a photo to your resume. Such as what type of job it is that you are applying for. Find out here.

Words to Avoid

“Using common business terms like ‘wheelhouse’ or ’go-to person’ can seem like the best way to get your qualities across efficiently. However, words like these have become so overused that they have lost meaning and won’t help you stand out from other applicants.” Check out additional terms that will benefit your resume, here.

Top 15 Things You Can Leave Off Your CV

Having a cluttered document with unnecessary information that causes the recruiter or hiring manager to struggle to find “qualifying elements of your background” is one of the 15 things you should not add to your resume. Find out the other 14, here.

How to Create a Perfect Resume in 2019

Looking to skip all the “don’t do’s” and know the types of things that you should do with your resume? Such as length, layout, and customization? These career coaches and resumes experts from CNBC provide their tips, and “break down the formula” for you. Check it out.


Bonus: Should my resume include a skills section? And if so how do you list your skills? Find out here.