If you’ve ever worked with a recruiter, at some point you’ve probably been asked, “What is your current salary?”. Sometimes job seekers are surprised by this question and believe it to be too personal. So today, we’re discussing why the question is asked, and under what circumstances you may want to share.

For starters, it’s important to know the difference between different types of recruiters. An employer recruiter works for a company within their HR department. An agency recruiter works for a company whose entire purpose is recruiting candidates for other companies. These two different types of recruiters often have different motivators. Today we’re going to cover the salary motivator of a recruiter.

Motivations for an Internal Recruiter

An internal recruiter in the HR department has a set budget and wants to hire the most cost-efficient candidate. They want to hire the best candidate, but are limited by budgetary constraints, and will take someone for less pay if they can. If a candidate is worth $80,000 but will accept $65,000, sometimes the company will offer the lower salary. Of course, this isn’t true for all employers, however, this does happen.


Motivations for an Agency Recruiter

An agency recruiter has the best interest in mind for both the candidate and the clients. They want to submit the best candidate and negotiate for them to receive a salary that they are happy to receive, and the company is willing to pay. Since the recruiter is working for the client, the best outcome would be for both parties to be happy. Doing so leads to better performance and stronger relationships between all parties.

It’s also important to note that most agency recruiters are paid commission based on their candidate’s salary. This means part of their goal is to get that candidate the best salary possible If you as the candidate are utilizing a recruiter’s services for free, they likely have an agreement with their clients.


When to Disclose Your Salary

When you’re dealing with either kind of recruiter, you should ask yourself a few things:  Do they have my best interests at heart? Are they being open and honest with me? Have they attempted to understand my background?

Ideally, you should be able to answer yes to these questions. If the recruiting company is willing to have an open discussion about salary expectations and attempt to understand your background, that is a good start. The better they understand your value, the closer they will get a job offer near your target salary range.

Luckily the job market is currently in favor of candidates. This means most companies are focusing on being more accommodating to job seekers. If you’re looking to work with a recruiting agency, submit your resume on our home page or browse the jobs tab and submit your resume for a specific job. We will contact you if we have a position available that best fits your skills and experience. (If not – we will keep your resume on file for any future opportunities that may arise).