Conflict in the workplace may be unavoidable, however, they should never be disregarded. With different leadership styles, personalities, and even the common factor of miscommunication – there will be times that conflicts arise. The first step to resolving them? Being able to recognize when they occur. Below is four different reasons that conflicts occur in the workplace.


One of the leading causes of conflicts is a misunderstanding. Whether it’s a failure to communicate or simple misunderstanding – a lot can be avoided if communication is at the forefront of the workplace. When miscommunication occurs both parties feel that their request or message is being heard, but it is not receiving the proper way – or is received in a negative way – which can cause a certain type of reaction back that would not be present if communication was clear.

Leadership Styles

Managers come with all different leadership styles can differ in many ways. If you have a manager who leads in a way you are not receptive or do not respond well to – conflicts can easily occur. For example, if you have a manager who leads with tough love or minimal praise – this could create friction in the workplace.

Personalities and Cultures

Relating to different management styles, coworkers’ personalities differ as well. When you have lots of different personalities in the workplace problems can arise. For example, someone who speaks their mind vs. someone who filters everything they say.  The employee who has no filter can offend or upset the employee that tends to keep things to themselves and cause friction.

Especially cultural backgrounds. Elaborate


“Blaming mistakes on others is socially contagious, according to a new study. Just watching someone pawn their failures off on another can make you do the same to protect your self-image”. And not only that but it also affects the person who is being blamed – causing them to feel defeated, unmotivated and even isolated.



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