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Thankfully, applying to a job is a fairly straightforward process. You find a job you are interested in, send in your resume, fill out a form, and then wait to hear back. From there, you hopefully land an interview, and then potentially receive a job offer, if all goes well. However, we’re going to suggest you add a simple yet important step into that process: saving job the description. It may seem like an odd step, but it could save you later. We’ll explain why it’s a smart move.

Why Not Look Online?

To understand why this is a wise move, you first have to consider the thought process with most employers. When most employers are looking to hire, they post a job online, and wait for the resumes to flood in. Although there is sometimes a candidate shortage, most employers receive enough resumes to begin looking through. At this point, some employers will decide that they have enough resumes, and remove the posting. So how does this affect you if you’ve already applied?

Since the posting has been removed, you now have no way of finding it, unless you search for a cached version online. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to locate any trace of it online after it’s been removed. One of the most important factors of being a successful candidate is your ability to match up your skills and abilities with that of the job you are applying to. Doing that is very challenging without a job description to reference.

Interview Help

Unfortunately if you go to reference a posting and it’s been taken down, you’re out of luck. For that reason, you should get in the habit of saving them locally on your computer. Make a folder with your other job search related documents, and save all of the job descriptions you’ve applied to.This will also be extremely helpful later in the process, even if the posting remains up. Once you have that folder set up, you can easily go there to see all of the jobs you’ve applied to with ease. This means when it’s time for you to interview, you can quickly print a copy of the job description.

Having this to reference before your interview is a good way to remind yourself of the requirements. If you are being considered for the position, you should do this comparison before your initial conversation. Look at the job description next to your resume, and find out where the best crossover is. Those are the areas you should highlight when you speak with the recruiter.

The Value of Saving the Description

Doing that comparison will inform your answers and better equip you to sell your skill set and experience. Much in the same way that you should tailor your resume to the job, you should tailor your answers and questions to the position. When you answer, you want them to hear your answers and visualize you working well in that position. When you ask questions at the end of the interview, they should be targeted to the job functions and duties. If you are truly considering this position, there should be some things you are wondering about. Use the job description and understand the role to help frame your questions and answers throughout the interview.

Saving the job description gives you many different options. All of those options will also give you a better chance at landing the job. It only takes a few seconds to to do, so the next time you apply for a job, get in the habit of downloading the description as well. This allows you to quickly reference it, and better prepare for any conversations you may have with a recruiter in the future.