When it comes to your resume, education is an important component. But we are finding out it’s not the only component that matters. Your “skills” may hold more significance than you realize. Skills show experience, knowledge and proficiency.  Ironically the skills section is often the first section people put the least effort into when compiling their resume. To ensure you’re highlighting what type of employee you can be, here are a few tips to help you!

List Your Personal Development

Having a growth mindset is more valuable in the workplace now than ever. Employers want to know that you are ever growing and willing to “hit the books”. If you’ve completed any outside education, reading, taken extra courses, attended any seminars or anything else that has helped you personally grow, add them to your resume! EVEN if they don’t directly correlate to the job you are applying for adding any personal development, will show you’re motivated and eager to be challenged.

Take Pride in the Side Hustle

If your side-gig has affected your professional skills in a positive way, don’t leave it off your resume. Whether you started it for the discounts, accountability or simply for the extra cash- your side-gig is valuable to your future employer if you’re successfully growing it. By including this in your resume, the employer can get an idea of your ambition and determination, seeing that you are self-motivated in your personal ventures.

Be Organized and Precise

One of the best ways to be prepared is to practice. Know some of the things that you want to mention in an interview and a few questions you want to ask. You can even Google “Common Interview Questions” to get a better understanding of what may be thrown your way. Going into the interview with a plan, will not only show you have confidence but you will BE more confident too. You’re also more likely to think of points you want to tie in if you give yourself time to prep, rather than just “winging it”.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Finding a job that is right for you takes time. You will probably apply to a dozen places, meet with half of those places and attend multiple interviews. So it’s easy to feel unmotivated when you are doing the same thing repeatedly. If you act excited in what you’re saying, you’ll actually feel excited about it. Try to go into each interview with a fresh and positive outlook, and know that each individual meeting is serving a different purpose for you.

There Is Positivity in Persistence

The more you interview, the better you become at finding out what you do and don’t like. So look at them as an opportunity to find out what type of job you want, what type of employer you are looking to work with, the atmosphere you desire and where YOU see YOURSELF. Interviewing frequently, allows you to become more in tune with what you are looking for and in turn find the perfect fit.

Bonus: You Don’t Have to Be an Expert to Add It to Your Resume

If you have worked with or are familiar with websites, programs, platforms etc. – don’t leave them out! It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or are simply just slightly familiar. You never know what the employer is looking for and what will help you!