to do list

Ever feel like you have a million things to do and don’t know where to begin? It can be overwhelming and even feel impossible to get started. Whether they are pressing tasks or just nuisances, making a to-do list can be helpful for multiple reasons. Read more to find out why lists are so beneficial and some different types of lists, below!

Keep it Specific

When you are making a to-do list you want to be as specific as possible. If you are too vague, your brain has a harder time deciphering the difficulty of that task. For example, instead of writing “Make phone calls”, write “Call 3 prospects: A, B, & C”.  By clearly stating the task, you can gauge how long it will take and will help with efficiency.

Do a Brain Dump

Leaving tasks to memory is one of the best ways to forget them. Start by writing EVERYTHING down that is on your mind, from a task that needs to be done today, to next month as well as your “just for fun” tasks. Doing a “brain dump”, allows you to assess what you ACTUALLY need to do and can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Lists Help You Arrange Priorities

Once you do a brain dump, you can then prioritize your tasks by importance. This is one of the most beneficial aspects of making a list. It allows you to assess what is a priority and what can wait. Even if you have to make a few separate lists with extreme priority and leisure lists, organizing them will help you feel less overwhelmed and allow you to plan accordingly.

Lists Allow Time Management

Making a list allows you to manage your time accordingly. Whether they are tasks that are done in one or multiple locations, writing a list allows you to pre-plan and organize your time. Next time you have errands to run, try making a list of the places you need to go and then create your trip route. You’ll find you’ll save a lot more time setting your tasks up by convenience and location.

How To

There are a few different ways you can make lists. The first and most obvious way is to write them down physically on paper and check them off as you go. You can also create lists in the note section of your phone and neatly add and mark off tasks as needed.  Another way to create a to-do list is adding events with notifications to your calendar. Try each one and see what works best for you! No matter which option you choose, make the list and get started!