Making a lateral job move in your career may seem like a waste of time, energy and even money. Although there are a lot of perks to it that you may not realize. Below we’re sharing why you should consider a lateral job offer, below. Check it out!

Expand Your Knowledge

If you’ve been working for a company for a couple of years, you may have been using the same systems, the same software, and performing the same tasks for a while.  However, when you change jobs, you allow yourself to expand your knowledge with new responsibilities. And the more different the tasks, the more experience you get – which actually benefits you as an employee. #winwinwin.

Upward Movement

Aside from learning, accepting a lateral position can provide you with job growth. Maybe there is no upward movement in your current position but the job offer allows to you move up within the company. Changing jobs for upward movement is one of the best reasons for them all.

You’re Excited About the Job

If you receive an offer for a job and you’re genuinely interested in it, don’t hesitate to consider it. Of course, starting over may feel unnecessary.  However, if you’re feeling stagnant in your current position, or the new position seems exciting to you – try it! As long as you leave your current job on good terms, there should be nothing wrong with changing positions for a position you may be more excited about!

More Work-Life Balance

Maybe the new position offers you flexibility with your schedule, or maybe it’s closer to home – which allows for more time in your schedule. Or maybe the new position is in a location that you are intrigued on moving to. Another perk of a lateral job movement is the opportunity to restructure your schedule and living location to better accommodate your commute.

Larger Network

Sometimes when we stay in the same position for several years. our network reach is limited. Taking a lateral job allows you to expand your network and the pool of people you surround yourself with. With new bosses, coworkers, and even companies that you are working with or for – a lateral movement is a great way to expand your circle and meet new people.

Better Benefits

Another reason to change jobs for a lateral movement with the potential of the same pay? Better benefits. Things such as having health insurance paid for, more vacation time, unlimited overtime  – having perks you were used to NOT having is a nice changeup! So don’t be afraid to ask about benefits that you may not currently have.

Better Company Culture

Maybe you’re comfortable with your job but you don’t enjoy going to work because you don’t really click with your co-workers. Switching up a job for the company culture is an easy way to enjoy what you do – and enjoy who you do it with.