It may seem odd if you’re happy in your current job, and someone asks if you’re open to hearing about other opportunities. But is it? You ultimately skip the stress of job searching because you don’t need a new one, you’re in a good mindset, and there is no urgency to make the switch – because you already love where you’re at. So, we’re digging deeper into this topic today to cover the perks of considering a new job, even if you’re happy in your current one.

There’s No Pressure

When you’re open to hearing about other positions while you are happy at your current position, it takes the pressure out of the situation. You are not in dire need to find a new job, and you enjoy where you’re currently at. So being open to hearing about other opportunities is just simply for gaining information and learning about what other companies have to offer you.

You Have Confidence

Being happy in your current role will reflect in your conversations. You enjoy your job and you have more confidence knowing you’re of value to your company. This gives you the ability to evaluate your options without feeling the pressure of having to decide.

You Learn the Market

Hearing about other job opportunities allows you to learn about the market. What jobs are available? What are companies looking for? What type of experience or employees do they need? Even if you aren’t interested, it’s a perk to stay on top of the market for the future.

You Have Nothing to Lose

Another perk is being offered more money, better benefits, better location, or more room to grow. Whether you want to consider the opportunity or not is entirely up to you, but if there are more benefits to another position – you would only be hurting yourself by not at least hearing the options.

“You’re perfectly content in your job while keeping your eyes and ears open for what’s out there. It would take a lot to get you to make a move – and that’s the whole point”. – US News.

Rejection Becomes a Learning Experience

Say you hear about other job opportunities, and you go as far as interviewing for them – but you don’t get accepted for the position. The good news is you are still currently happy and comfortable in your current role – while also being able to learn from the experience and helping you for future positions.

You’re in Good Standing

Instead of having to leave a job out of necessity, you’re leaving on great terms. Your boss wasn’t the issue, you didn’t get fired, and you aren’t leaving on a bad foot. You’re just simply leaving a positive situation for another one.


Considering a new position while you’re happy in your current role has lots of benefits. You’ll be content if you stay and content if you decide to switch positions and make the move. But either way, the entire process stays light and positive.