If you’re new to the concept of a remote job, the process may feel extremely unfamiliar, but there are a TON of perks! Having the ability to manage your schedule and work at times you feel you’re most productive are just a few of them. Find out the other benefits of working remotely, below!

There’s Higher Retention

When an employee has the option to work remotely, there are fewer factors encouraging employees to find new employment. Factors such as office culture, a difficult boss, lack of time, or long commutes, will hold less weight when you have a remote position. Including an increase in work/life balance which is what more and more employees are seeking in today’s society.

Remote Jobs Improve Productivity

Working remotely is proven to increase productivity. There are fewer distractions, and depending on the position you can tackle your workload on your own schedule. Whether you are on the “work clock” or can log in – get your work done and log off for the day, you can get more done in a shorter period of time when you’re not tied to the clock.

They Increase Employee Happiness

Following the previous point, when employees feel they have more control over their time, their job and overall life satisfaction improve. They can attend virtual meetings via video-chat or phone call, complete their work, and still have plenty of hours in the day to do what they please, compared to working a 9-5.

Eliminates Travel

Commuting to work is common, however, it is also a factor in accepting a position. With remote work, you won’t need to factor in that commute time. Whether it’s taking public transportation or a 45-minute drive home with rush-hour traffic, these are hours wasted each day. When you work from home – you not only have that extra time, but you’ll save on travel expenses as well.

Increases the Applicant Pool

Remote work broadens the number of jobs you can apply for. Having this be an option at a company increases the hiring pool– allowing for more options for them, and for you. And is more intriguing to a candidate looking for work at a company that adapts with the times.

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