Man having a friendly conversation with his boss.

Happy Boss’s day! To celebrate, today’s blog will discuss how you can manage your boss and work towards a better relationship. Too many employees think their relationship with their superior is a one way street. All they do is take orders and do what is asked. Not only is this potentially hurting productivity, it’s also ruining your chances to have a good rapport. Managing your boss is mutually beneficial, and will provide a benefit to them as well as you. You will be more productive, your boss will reach more of their goals, and it will all be less stressful.

Understanding Your Boss

The first step in managing your boss is understanding them. Firstly, you have to stop seeing them as just the person in charge. Just like you, they are someone with goals, strengths, weaknesses, and a specific style of work. Understanding each factor will have it’s own benefits. By realizing your bosses strengths and weaknesses, you can play to the strengths, and support the weaknesses. For example, if you know your boss isn’t great at keeping time, it may not hurt to give them a reminder or two. On the other hand, if you know they’re great at brainstorming new ideas, make sure you sit down with them for a brainstorm session every once in a while.

Picking up on their style of work and management will help you know what to expect, and how they work best. Understanding this will indicate what approach will work best between you. If they like to check in constantly, make sure you’re prepared for that. On the other hand if they prefer a hands off approach, try your best to be independent, and only trouble them with urgent needs. Lastly, work to understand their goals. Realizing those goals will help you identify how your responsibilities tie into them. Furthermore, make sure you particularly performing well in those areas to assist your boss in reaching those goals. Doing this will make them look good and in turn, give them a better outlook on you as an employee. Not only is this good for your company, it will also strengthen your relationship with your boss.

Open and Honest Communication

Another crucial element of a good boss-employee relationship is open and honest communication. False promises, misdirection, and a lack of communication is a recipe for disaster. Good news or bad, it’s best to be forthcoming. Bad news is best delivered promptly, and you also need to be honest with yourself. If you are being overworked, you have to address it. If you don’t discuss it and wind up being behind and having to explain it, it will be significantly more challenging to address. Discuss with your boss how the both of you work best, and what could be improved. If you don’t make an effort to improve the process, it will never get any better.

Even if you do not get along with your superior particularly well, you have to be careful how you approach them. Being angry, pushing back, or personally attacking them will get you nowhere. Instead of seeing your superior as the problem, attack the problems themselves. Instead of being adversarial, approach the discussion in a polite manner, and explain that your end goal is to work better. Workplaces can certainly be stressful, but being open and honest with your boss will go a long way to keeping everyone calm and productive.

Give It Your All

Lastly, it is crucial that you take your work seriously. If you’re not going to do your best, managing your boss is utterly pointless to attempt. Doing it only works if you have the work ethic to back it up. Otherwise your words and efforts will come off as empty. Work hard, and do your best to problem solve for yourself and your boss. This will make all of these discussions much easier, and more successful. Understand the metrics they use for success, and do your best to hit them.

Managing your boss and working towards a successful relationship is never easy. No matter how frustrated you  may get, don’t complain about your boss to other coworkers. It damages everyone’s outlook, and breeds hostility. Instead, understand the intricacies of your boss, communicate open and honestly, and do your best. Focusing on these approaches will get you on the road to a successful and beneficial relationship with your boss!