Whether you’re reading this before you are beginning your job search, during, or after feeling completely fried sending out your resume to dozens of companies without any luck. We’re here to tell you why your job search hasn’t been successful, and three tips on how to get it back on track. Check it out!


Avoid the Email Blast

“Studies show less than 3 percent of online applicants ever get called for an interview. The reality is, technology has made employers really good at screening out candidates.” Inc.com explains.  Although sending your resume to a slew of online jobs may be easier for you, it’s not always the most successful way to go about your search. In doing this, you are going to feel burnt out much quicker – with little results.

Use Your Network

Option B? Use your network. Companies and hiring managers are more likely to consider a candidate when they are referred by someone they know. Connections are powerful and having someone recommend you, speak volumes as to who you are as a potential candidate. It takes another step out of the process when someone else is willing to suggest that you may be a good fit. If nothing else, this will at least get you through a round of phone screening or get you in for an interview with the hiring manager to see if they feel your skills would match up with the position they are looking to fill.

Reach Out Personally

If you have already gone through your connections and were unsuccessful– start reaching out directly to companies or hiring managers on LinkedIn. Take the time to assess what it is you are looking to do for a job/career. That way when you are contacting hiring managers, you are being strategic with who you are reaching out to – and ensuring that your time is being used efficiently.

Seek a Recruiting Agency

If you have had no luck with all the above, or you must find a job position in a time crunch – contacting a recruiter can significantly benefit your job search. Recruiting agencies have a vast number of connections, companies they work with, and may have a position that you will be a great fit for. If, however, they do not have any positions available to you at that time – you can communicate with them that you are going to continue on with your job search – and ask that they contact you if anything comes up in the future that may be of interest to you.


In today’s world – personal touch is everything. It’s the reason why we are more inclined to purchase a product when we are emotionally invested to the person or the story and why online influencers we know are promoting products – because we know and trust them and prove that relationships and connections matter more.