A: If you haven’t already, start by submitting your resume on our website: www.walrathrecruiting.com . This can be found on the Home PageSubmit Resume Tab. Fill out the quick resume form with the necessary fields and submit. Or you can select any any individual job posting in the Search Jobs tab. This will direct you to a pop-up email to jobs@walrathrecruiting.com .

Should we have a position that coincides with both what you’re looking for and what our client is looking for, per your background, experience, and skillset, an executive recruiter will then reach out to you.

A: No. Our recruiting services are free for our candidates. We do offer other services that include a fee such as: our Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services – which can be found in Our Services tab.

A: As a recruiting agency, we have clients who have positions available within their company and utilize our services to find top talent for their open positions.

A: Due to the high volume of resumes we receive daily; we do not call every candidate who submits a resume.

However, if we receive a resume or find a candidate that may be the perfect fit for a certain role, we’ll then reach out to them to gather additional information needed.  After that step, we may then bring them in for an interview with us. It is standard for us to meet with all candidates prior to submitting them to our clients.

A: It’s very important to thoroughly proofread both your resume and your cover letter. Check for typos, inconsistencies with font, terms, capitalization etc. To further identify typos or grammatical errors, have another party review your resume.

Make sure to use the right word forms (they’re, their, and there) and double check that the dates of employment you have listed are correct.

Lastly, having a professional email address is an important component that most people overlook. If you don’t have a professional email address, consider making one specifically for your business communication.

A: As a candidate there are various benefits to working with an Executive Recruiter.  We do the behind the scenes work, with you. When you submit your resume, if we have a position that aligns with your skills and education we will contact you and move forward with the process.

Not only are we proactive in helping you with your search, but we also know what the benefits of the company are, the salary the client is offering, as well as the culture of the company. So we can take all of these components and your preferences into consideration, to help you best find your fit. If we don’t find a match, we will keep you in our database, if something comes up in the future. And in the meantime, you can proceed with your search.

A: Start by assessing your expectations. Focus on factors such as culture, industry, location, and salary before taking any action. Knowing exactly what you want will be extremely beneficial once you begin your job search.

Second, take note of what you don’t want. Knowing your limits can help you easily eliminate offers. For example, the size of the company whether large or small and the distance you are willing to commute etc. Regarding salary, know what you’re worth and do your research.

And lastly, be selective with your job search, but don’t rely solely on one position. By applying to more than one job at a time you’ll not only stay proactive but if a job doesn’t work out in your favor, you’ll have other job opportunities to look forward to.

A: When browsing through job descriptions, it’s rare for a candidate to find one where they meet all of the requirements. To decide if it would be worth applying to a position, you must first understand which prerequisites are most important.

For certain positions, education level and industry experience are generally firm requirements. However, if a job says you need 4 years of experience and you only have 3, this would be an instance you should still apply.

For other positions where education is not a complete necessity, companies will consider a candidate whose experience is equivalent to the education preferred. So, if there’s a position with a degree requirement, but you have extensive experience – you should still apply.

When it comes to requirements such as certifications, platforms, or software, companies are typically open to considering something equivalent.

The employer won’t know who the perfect candidate is until they have finished conducting interviews. From the time the job description is written to the time someone is hired, their perception of what they desire in an employee may change. So, you should still apply, even if you are slightly underqualified or overqualified. And then assess your options if you’re contacted.

A: Prepare in the same fashion as you would for an in-person interview. Dress appropriately and prepare ahead of time. Do your research on the company and have questions about the job ready.

From a more technical standpoint, ensure that your technology is functioning appropriately and if you are using a video platform – confirm the program is downloaded and updated. Test the sound and video capabilities of your computer and consider testing it with a friend beforehand. Be mindful of your environment and background noises so you and the hiring manager can successfully hear one another.

And lastly, be available at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled call to give yourself plenty of time.

A: If you are scheduled for an in-person interview, you will receive an email with instructions, next steps and the documents that are required for your interview. As far as other materials, we have written a blog regarding items to bring to an interview. Check it out, here.

A: Some companies will discuss benefits early in the process, whereas others will wait until they are closer to making an offer. If you aren’t fully informed about the benefits package when the offer is extended, it’s an opportune time to have the conversation.

A: The timeframe varies. Asking what the process will be during your interview will help give you more information as every client and company are different.

A: We suggest doing your research on recruiting companies and when you find an executive recruiting company you pair well with, stick with them. If together you are unsuccessful in finding a job, it’s better to close ties with the recruiting company and then move on with your search. This way you are not duplicating your efforts, and both you and the recruiting company can move forward accordingly.

A: Some companies will put projects, tasks, and other activities such as hiring on hold around the holidays. This mindset leads many job seekers to pause their search. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply. Every company is hiring for a reason, and that hiring need will persist throughout the holidays. If you apply and your resume does get seen during a slower period, there will be considerably less competition.

Simply call our office at 518-275-4816 or send an email to jobs@walrathrecruiting.com stating you have a position(s) to be filled.

A: Hiring an outside recruiting firm is advantageous for multiple reasons. Executive recruiters are in the business of finding candidates. An in-house recruiter focuses on many positions and other internal responsibilities. With an executive recruiter, top talent is their specialty. On your own, you may spend valuable time and resources trying to find candidates and paying for job boards. When you hire a recruiter, they use their industry resources to bring quality candidates to you.

In addition to a vast network, executive recruiters also have an extensive vetting process for all candidates. We focus on finding candidates that are fit for the job. Instead of wasting time sorting through candidates of varying quality, you will only see resumes from the very best available candidates. This may include job seekers the recruiting firm already has in their candidate bank. When you hire an executive recruiter, you’re also hiring their extensive backlog of quality applicants that are looking for employment. This decreases time-to-hire and lets you fill the gaps in your business quickly to keep moving forward.