16 01, 2017

7 Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

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If you’ve ever had to find a job before, you know it can be exhausting. So why not have a recruiter help you along with that search? There are many incorrect perceptions about recruiters among job seekers. A recruiter can actually be a great resource for you during your job search. Today we list some of the best benefits you get from working with a recruiter. […]

12 01, 2017

Your Job Search is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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Dig in, breathe deep, and set your pace, because it’s time to chase your dream job. Looking for a new job is an exciting process, especially at the start. However, the initial excitement can diminish easily. For this reason, many job seekers work hard to search at the beginning. However, this is akin to trying to sprint an entire marathon. Barring an extremely lucky break, your job search will take some time. Thus it’s incredibly important to realize that your job search is a marathon, not a sprint. […]


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