The highest quality candidates for the highest level positions.

Walrath Recruiting, Inc. specializes in executive search services for diverse corporate clientele, and has conducted searches for positions such as CEO, CFO, and COO in various industries since its inception in 2010.  President Renee Walrath, who has successfully sought out executive candidates since 2005, remains personally involved and directly responsible for the success of every search process conducted. Her varied client base and personal involvement provide organizations with a unique degree of precision when targeting prospective executive level candidates. Along with her professional staff, Renee has secured candidates from the Capital Region and beyond.

At Walrath Recruiting, Inc. we begin the executive search process by working closely with the client to gain a clear understanding of their desires and requirements so that we may represent the organization precisely, as understanding the client’s goals remains our utmost priority. A written executive job description is finalized early in the process to aid research efforts and enhance the quality of prospective candidates. We stress the importance of thorough research as a method of continuously expanding our candidate database to provide the most progressive, advanced and enterprising information to our client organization. We maintain frequent communication with our client during all phases of our search. Providing a client representative to Walrath Recruiting is particularly helpful to meet these ends even though hiring decisions are most often made with reflection and input by a larger number of individuals.

We thoroughly pre-screen all of our applicants and perform reference checks prior to submitting viable candidates to our clients. This helps to ensure a professional and cultural fit between both parties. Qualified candidates are presented to the client organization via email, including a brief bio and an accurate resume.

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Our search process holds our clients’ confidentiality in the highest regard as we strive to honor the trust of our clients while adhering to the highest ethical standards, researching candidates without discrimination against any individual due to race, color, religion  age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.  

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For more information on Equal Opportunity Employment please visit the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.