If you’ve been working from home, chances are there are times that you feel unmotivated or unproductive. If you’re currently struggling with work productivity, we have some tips to help you!

Manage Your Environment

What is the environment in which you are working? Are you in the basement? Are you in a room with a little amount of light? Working in a space that is too warm? Find a room with good lighting, the right temperature, window access, and not in a busy zone such as your living room or kitchen if possible. Setting up your workspace in a room that is used for main access can be distracting, so try to find a spot with less activity.

Get Organized

Along with deciding where to put your workspace, you should also keep into consideration what the conditions of your workspace is like. Do you have a place for everything? Are you working in an environment that is cluttered? If so, either find a different space or take some time to clear your clutter. Working in a clean space can also improve your productivity.

You should also set up a schedule for yourself. Whether it be a calendar with reminders for your tasks, or some filing folders to keep your documents organized. Working without a plan is an easy way to get distracted.

Prioritize your Tasks

When you do develop a plan, be sure to prioritize your tasks by importance, and sprinkle your larger tasks throughout your day. For example, schedule one of your larger tasks in the morning, and one after lunch. These are the times where you should be at peak productivity. Sprinkle your lighter tasks the hour before you take your lunch break, and before your last hour of work since your productivity levels are lower during these times.

Get on Calls

Nothing can boost your productivity more than getting on a call with your team. If you have morning calls, or weekly calls—use this as a time to refocus. When you can bounce ideas off one another and develop a plan for your day/week – it can help you stay on task and motivated.

Listen to Music

The benefits of listening to music at work have been scientifically proven to help you focus better. So listen to music that is uplifting and at a low enough level that you can focus on what you are working on yet provide just enough background noise.

Get Active

If you’re working from home, chances are you are sitting at your desk all day. However, it is incredibly important not only for your energy levels, but your overall health to stay active. You do not need to and should not feel that you must be glued to your desk all day. Get up, stretch, and consider going for a walk on your lunch break. Movement will get your blood flowing, and make you feel more awake and energetic.

Analyze Your Sleep Schedule

Being well-rested is directly correlated to productivity as well. “You’re able to get more done on a good night’s sleep, not less.”Your schedule, especially your sleep schedule may fall off track while in quarantine. If you notice your sleep patterns are out of line – get yourself back into a routine.

You should also give yourself time in the morning before your day starts. Get up an hour before you need to be clocked in – wake up and have your breakfast/coffee. Doing this will help you begin your “workday” energized, and ready to go.

Check Your Nutrition

Another huge variable that can make you feel unproductive is the lack of proper nutrients. Although it may be easier to snack while working from home when you have junk food readily available – these foods will make you feel sluggish and tired. Be sure to eat healthy foods, and up your water intake. Fill up a large bottle of water and keep up with you wherever you go to help remind yourself to stay hydrated.