According to the Labor Department, job openings totaled close to 11 million in December 2021, which is more than 4.6 million above the total unemployment level. It’s now more imperative than ever to give viable candidates a reason to choose you over your competitors. What exactly sets you apart? Our recent interviews have shown a noticeable change in the dedication of candidates to find their perfect job fit whether that takes weeks or months. A simple pay increase, though still greatly appreciated, will no longer be the deciding factor between offers. There are a few steps we recommend taking to attract top talent that begin before you even post for the job.

  • Define Your Ideal Candidate:

This is such an important step that can be easily overlooked as it seems so obvious, but you as an employer need to know what your target market is and what exactly that type of candidate may be looking for from you. Are you looking for a recent college graduate? Maybe you want to offer internships to get their foot in the door prior to graduation. Or maybe you want to attend a job fair to get your name out there. Are you looking for someone who brings 10+ years of working experience and a Masters’s Degree along with them? Or perhaps someone with working experience, transferable job skills, and the ability to achieve a certain license or certification? Each of these candidates will bring along a different list of their own requirements regarding training, salary, benefits, etc. You have to be just as prepared to market your company to the candidate as they are to market themselves to you.

  • Competitive Wage & Benefits Package:

It goes without being said that you must be in line with if not over the industry standard with regards to wage and benefits package offered. Candidates are aware of their value when they begin their job search, and they will not take less than what they feel deserve. The good thing is that once you define your ideal candidate, you can almost certainly get an idea of the wage and benefits they may require before even meeting them. If you’re targeting a recent graduate, it’s safe to assume their understanding of the entry-level pay rate for their targeted role and if they even required benefits, it is more than likely individual. The average PTO is between 2-3 weeks for an entry-level candidate, and the offer of a 401(k) with a match is a plus as college graduates are prepared to save for their future right off the bat. If you’re seeking a seasoned employee with years of working experience, it is safe to assume the offer of a pay increase will be in order, and they will more than likely also require a more specific benefits package for either family or individual. On top of an assumingly increased PTO request, they may want to further discuss 401(k) match, or even profit-sharing if applicable. On top of the traditional health, dental, vision, PTO, and 401(k) offered, candidates, are seeking added benefits. Again, if you are targeting a college graduate, they may be seeking further education in which case the offer of tuition reimbursement or continuing education is a plus. If the candidate is willing and able to obtain a certain license or certification for the role, reimbursement is a plus. If you are able, offering remote or hybrid flexibilities is an EXTREME attraction to candidates. Post pandemic, remote or hybrid work has become a top requirement of candidates and it can be a deal-breaker for them

  • Ace the Interview:

Did you know that 43% of employees report that their day-to-day role wasn’t what they had been led to believe it would be during the interview process? This unfortunately doesn’t shock us as much as it should. Before you even post the opening, you should be able to clearly define the job responsibilities and qualifications required. The interview is your time to be completely transparent regarding expectations which will ultimately help to determine if the candidate is sufficiently qualified for the role. Nothing will make a new hire resign faster than them feeling blindsided in week one with job responsibilities they were unaware of.

  • Training, Training, Training:

We cannot stress enough how important job training is. Specifically, if you are targeting an entry-level candidate or candidate with fewer years of experience, proper training is a must. Nothing is a bigger turnoff than starting a new job and being thrown to the wolves with no guidance. It is your job to provide the opportunity for your employees to achieve success, which will only benefit your company in the long run.

Ultimately, it would be nice to offer top salary, 100% paid benefits, and unlimited PTO but that is not realistic. Try to keep in mind that it is about your overall package being offered. We continually stress to candidates to find a balance between salary required and benefits offered. Hopefully, you found a few helpful tips in your search for top talent and as always for further assistance please give us a call at (518) 275-4816 where we are happy to explain our process in finding top talent for your company!