Businesses are starting to reopen, people are starting to go back to work – and job seekers are picking up their job searches. Today we’ve compiled a list of resources like leading a team post-quarantine, how to rebound after a crisis, how Indeed is helping job seekers find work faster, and more. Check out!

How Indeed’s New Product Features Help You Quickly Hire #ReadytoWork Candidates

To provide support to job seekers Indeed has “tapped into the power of Indeed Resume — which includes more than 175 million resumes of job seekers – to indicate to employers that they are available to start work immediately, job seekers can now add #readytowork to their Indeed Resume”. What a productive, rapid way for employers to begin their hiring. Check it out here.

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Rebound After a Crisis

“Even businesses that are managing to weather this storm aren’t thinking about growth right now; they’re thinking about survival.” Here are 5 ways to set yourself up post-pandemic, such as staying alert, adopting a “millennial mindset”, and learning how to recover. Keep reading here.

Lead Your Team into a Post-Pandemic World

Knowing how to handle the working world once quarantine is over, and as businesses are starting to open back up – there are a few tips on how to make that transition. Companies “should continue to consider the broad spectrum of their employees’; needs, beyond just creating a physically safe workplace”. Find out, here.

Is It Possible for the 50-Plus Crowd to Find New Jobs? Experts Say Yes.

With so many unemployed, the question becomes how do people re-enter the working world post-quarantine. Challenges are faced from all generations and ages, and although specifically, the 50+ crowd may face some struggles, there are ways they can prepare for their job search. Check it out.