Logging in to your inbox to a plethora of emails that you have not attended to can be extremely overwhelming. Whether they are completed emails or emails that need to be addressed – having a system is key. Knowing how to best organize and tackle your email makes a huge difference in productivity. Here are some tips!

Utilize Folder Systems

Create folders that will help you organize your emails. You can create a folder for categories such as each client, each project, or something relevant to your position. Maybe you work with a team and it would be more efficient to organize by the sender. Get creative and personal with this. You should also consider creating a “Pending” folder. This is for items that do not need to be completed that day but are projects or tasks that need to be reminded of and frequently attended to. Once they are completed you can move them into the appropriate folder.

Scan Through Your Emails First

With emails in the designated folders, this leaves your actual inbox to just a few categories. Tasks that need to be done ASAP, and tasks that are too important to go into the pending folder, as well as trash. For spam, newsletters, or anything else that you do not need – trash it. For the tasks that are required to be done as soon as possible – flag them! Then when they are completed, mark them as complete and move them into the accompanying folder.

The emails you should respond to instantly are those that can be dealt with immediately. All other emails should be either flagged or moved into the designated folder and then tackled once you make progress on your other daily job tasks. Just be sure to save time for those emails for that day.

Search Tool

Luckily, the search tool has only continued to be more innovative, precise, and helpful. So anytime you need to find any email and you are unsure of where it is located – use the search toolbar and search in “all folders” or in “current folder”. This will help save you time as well.


Another way to improve your inbox is by creating templates. Utilize templates when sending similar emails, weekly task lists, or monthly updates. Type up the email and save it as a template. That way next time you go to send one of these emails – you can just plug in the specific information – and send. To do so in Outlook, click “New Email” Then in that window off to the top right-hand side you should see “View Templates”. Scroll down where it says “+ Template” and type out the email you would like as a template, give it a title, and hit Save. Next time that email will be listed.