To some, leadership skills come naturally. To others, being a successful leader takes practice. Regardless, there are always ways to improve your skills and even learn new ones. Today we’ve compiled a list of important skills you should possess during a crisis, how to increase employee retention utilizing leadership, and what skills you need if you’re a first-time leader. Check it out!

Seven Key Crisis Leadership Skills

Due to the current pandemic that we are in – leaders have been thrown a curveball in the way they typically lead their team or company. “Leadership skills that worked during gradual transformation no longer work during the massive crisis.” Find out the 7 leadership skills for dealing with a crisis, here.

Increase Employee Retention by Upping Your Leadership EQ

If you’re looking to improve your leadership skills, which can overall affect your employee’s job satisfaction and retention, this one is for you. Skills such as being self-aware and socially aware. Find out how, here.

4 Truths That Will Improve Your Remote Leadership Skills Overnight

If you’ve never led a team, or managed your employees remotely – chances are you may be struggling with making it work the way you are used to. Here are some tips on how to improve your remote skills, like putting your people first, developing a community vibe, offering resources, and checking in on the well-being of your team/staff. Check it out.

12 Things First-Time Leaders Need to Succeed

Becoming a leader in the workplace can be both exciting, rewarding, and also – overwhelming. If you’re a first-time leader and you’re wondering how to be sure you do well in your new role, here are some tips.