12 09, 2023

Can Exercise Boost Your Job Performance?

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Did you know that implementing exercise into your routine can positively impact your work performance? It’s not about achieving a certain “figure,” but rather about helping your body to feel its best so it can perform its best. What type of exercise and frequency is up to you, but those who prioritize their health tend to see greater results. […]

6 09, 2023

Turn Procrastination into Productivity

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A recent study conducted by Darius Foroux revealed that over 80% of the workforce procrastinates for 1+ hours per day. The overwhelming pressure that comes post-procrastination can either be the driving force for completion or cause you to crumble. With such a large portion of the workforce admittedly procrastinating, the question becomes, how can you turn procrastination into productivity? […]

1 09, 2023

Prioritizing Professional Growth & Development

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Professional growth and development play integral parts in any professional’s career. They enable people to develop new skills, advance their qualifications, and become better employees. However, growth is in the hands of each individual and it is up to them how far they go. Not everybody wants to climb a professional ladder, and that’s okay! Below we’ve provided a few tips and tricks for those that do! […]

24 08, 2023

Are You Meeting Life’s Demands?

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There is simply not enough time in the day to meet life’s demands. Aside from working 40 +/- hours per week, we stretch ourselves so thin just to keep up. Pressures to perform come from every direction – play with our animals, keep our kids fulfilled, spend quality time with family and friends, maintain our homes (i.e., laundry, dishes, house projects), keep active, embrace a healthy lifestyle, somehow get 7-8 hours of sleep every night and don’t forget about your partner. […]

17 08, 2023

Boost Your Motivation With These 6 Steps

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Motivation in the workplace is something everyone struggles with from time to time. Staying focused and inspired at work does not always come naturally. Here are six ways to boost your motivation if you've been struggling. Eat the frog. Starting your day with the completion of your most challenging tasks builds confidence and momentum to carry you through the rest of your day. Everything after that point will feel easier. It’s like learning to hit a baseball using a tiny wiffle ball – the baseball gives you a much larger target than the wiffle ball increasing your chances of [...]

4 08, 2023

Cross-Train – Or Somebody Else Will

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In a recent poll, we asked our LinkedIn followers, “Is your current role related to what you went to school for?” Of the 152 respondents, the results are as follows: 59% - No, had a change of direction 37% - Yes, and I still love it 4% - Yes, but considering a change Well, over half of the respondents are currently in a role unrelated to their education. In fact, 50% of our team at Walrath Recruiting is currently in a role unrelated to their educational background. What this tells us is that these 89 people (or 59%) were given [...]

19 07, 2023

Is Your Interview a Two Way Conversation?

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POV – You’re nearing the end of an interview and are asked, “Do you have any questions?” Your mind goes blank, and you cannot recall any of the questions you spent hours preparing. Having questions prepared for your interview shows your interest in the position while allowing you to determine if the role will be a good fit. An interview is a two-way conversation – use the time wisely. […]

8 03, 2023

Are you the Right Leader for the Job?

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A leader is defined as 'the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country'. This can be interpreted in several ways, though we believe being a leader goes far beyond the surface. Research shows around 4 million Americans – or 2.6% of the workforce – quit their jobs in October 2022, and poor leadership is believed to be a contributing factor. In a time of uncertainty, people cling to those willing to pave the way to a brighter, more steadfast future. In this blog, we will dissect 6 key components of leadership that we believe to be amongst [...]

24 02, 2023

How to Be a Top Employee

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Regardless of what point you’re at in your career, there has likely been a time you struggled to stand out. There’s always that one employee (teacher’s pet) who envelops the attention, oftentimes scoring opportunities for themselves that you felt deserving of. Being noticed is certainly worth striving for, and plenty achievable for everyone! Fortunately, we are here to give you 5 tips to get to the top of your employers’ list and hopefully land that promotion you’ve been striving for. […]

31 01, 2023

Trust the Process

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The idea of January can be so refreshing – a clean slate to pave the way toward a brighter future. People tend to think in a very “macro” way when referring to January, putting all of their eggs for the year into this small basket. Before you know it, it’s the 31st, you’ve promised yourself you’d kick it into gear the last 3 Monday’s and you ultimately wind-up feeling like you’ve already failed. That feeling will likely remain prevalent in February because, well, it’s February and the Spring is a better time to start anyway, right? We’re in a bad [...]

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