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8 09, 2023

Here’s Why You Should Be Regularly Updating Your Resume

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Mass layoffs are still among us and the decision of who to kick and who to keep is typically financially strategic. Seniority won’t save you. Nobody likes having to look for a new job let alone after being suddenly laid off with no income and no prospects. Updating your resume is a close second to having to search for a new job on the misery scale so periodically updating it through your career may save you a headache. Here are a few reasons why you should consistently update your resume (even if you are employed). [...]

2 08, 2023

Why You Should Be Working With a Recruiter

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Searching for a job, whether currently employed or not, is taxing, and due to unfortunate mass layoffs, there are many qualified candidates who now find themselves in the “job seeker” category. We may be biased, but establishing and maintaining contact with a trusted recruiter is always a good idea. There is no fee and no obligation to further a search until you see fit – and an unforeseen layoff seems like a great time to start. Here are 5 signs that it may be time for you to contact a recruiter. […]

9 06, 2023

Deciding Between Multiple Job Offers

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A study of nearly 5,000 Gen Z’ers found that over 60% of full-time candidates receive multiple job offers during their search. To best decipher between offers, it’s important to learn all that there is to know about each job and organization. Gathering all the facts will help you conduct an analysis of all your offers and choose the right one. […]

7 06, 2023

Preparing for Rejection

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Recent studies reveal that it takes between 21 to 80 job applications to get one job offer. Job rejection is an unfortunate byproduct of a job search, and the more prepared you are the easier it will be to move past. We’ve compiled a list of steps to take post job rejection which, believe it or not, start before the interview. […]

26 05, 2023

No Call No Show = Missed Opportunities

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Honestly one of the worst things you can do in your work life is a “No Call, No Show (NCNS).” This could apply to an interview, a phone call, or a scheduled shift, and it essentially means that you do not show up without notice or a reason given. This is not a good habit to get into so if you have found yourself committing this act, stop. It’s a slippery slope and like we’ve said before you never know where life will take you. You may think simply not showing up to the interview is no big deal and [...]

24 05, 2023

Job Hopping Could Hinder Long-Term Career Growth

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‘Job Hopping’ is defined as an individual who has held multiple job titles at multiple different companies in a short period of time. In 2023, inflation has caused over 90% of employees to seek alternate employment, in search of a compensatory salary. A potential employer may be less inclined to offer you an interview, let alone a job if your resume indicates ‘job hopper’. To remedy this, recent job postings are demanding candidates have no more than 3 jobs in the last 10 years. Is a higher salary in the interim worth potentially damaging your long-term career growth? [...]

13 04, 2023

References – The Final Exam

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High-profile tech companies, like Amazon and Microsoft, continue with sweeping layoffs bringing the 2023 1st quarter total to more than 160,000 employees left jobless (as compared to 164,000 in 2022). Mass layoffs are leaving thousands of candidates vying for the few available job openings and it is more imperative than ever that they set themselves apart from their competitors. Aside from a fruitful background and education, having an adequate and reliable reference list can give you the boost you need. […]

28 03, 2023

Searching for a Job While You’re Employed

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Looking for new employment while currently employed is strenuous. If you find yourself in this position, there are 4 main rules to abide by and they are: keep your position, keep it private, keep it professional, and keep it a priority. […]

1 03, 2023

Should You Contact a Recruiter?

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If your job search has become daunting with little to no sign of (new) employment in sight, it might be a good time to contact a recruiter! Our recruiters work diligently to find each of their candidates their perfect fit and maintain a lasting relationship for not only present but also future opportunities. From submitting your resume to accepting an offer, our services are entirely free. It is our passion to help connect qualified professionals to our extensive client base in positions ranging from entry- to executive level. […]

24 02, 2023

Gap in Employment? Here’s What You Should Do

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It’s time to discuss the elephant in the room – a gap in your employment. Statistically speaking, over 50% of Americans have had some sort of gap in their career. Sometimes events happen in life that requires you to take a step back in your career (and that’s okay). Below we’ve compiled a list of ways to navigate these gaps on your resume and even in your next interview! […]

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