This time period of uncertainty is causing many people to rethink their careers. Being laid off, being furloughed, or working from home – having extra downtime has encouraged people to start taking a look at how they want life to be like after quarantine. If you have been considering switching career paths post-quarantine, you’re not alone. Here are some tips.

Evaluate Your Past Position

First, you should start by evaluating your past position(s). What were some things you enjoyed? What are some things you did not enjoy? Maybe it was the specific company, the workload, the atmosphere, or maybe just the industry itself. Doing this will help you better understand what you do and don’t want in your next position, which will help you figure out how to proceed going forward.

Be Honest

Next, be honest with yourself and what you’re looking for. Ask questions such as, how would I rather be spending my time and energy? What are my goals and values? What career experiences, good or bad, have given me the skills I possess today? These questions will help you determine what is most important to you in your next career path.

Take Inventory

Next, take inventory of your skills, values, and experiences. What skills do you possess that can be transferred into another position? Do you have a specific industry you are more passionate about? What would you need to accomplish to land a role in that industry? Would you need to take some career classes/get certified? Or just begin at an entry-level position with extensive training?

Browse Job Boards

Now that you have an idea of what you are looking for and what skills you possess, start browsing online. Check out job boards, social media, company websites, etc. to see what kind of opportunities are available. You may even stumble on a type of position that you did not think of. This step will probably take the most time.

Be Patient

Know that any career changes that occur will take longer than anticipated. As previously stated, searching and locating the right job will most likely take a significant chunk of your time. Once you find a few positions you are interested in, give yourself grace in the time it takes to land an interview as well. This whole process may be new for you, especially if you haven’t job searched in years. So be patient.

Take Action

Lastly, take action. Don’t overthink your decisions or situation. Get experimental, try new things, and use this opportunity to explore new opportunities. This is the perfect time to do so, so once you do find something you’re interested in – go for it.