Already out of ideas on how to have fun and keep busy while social distancing? Still wanting to find new ways to enjoy time with your significant other, your kids, and your family while cooped up? We’ve compiled a list of activities for you. Take them into the weekend or bookmark them for the weekdays. Enjoy!

10 Cute Indoor Dates You Can Go on Right Now

If you and your S/O are sitting at home quarantined, whether you are both working, working from home, one of you is, or neither, this one is for you. Chances are you’ve watched enough Netflix, scrolled social media, and ate all the food in the cabinets already. Time to come up with some new ideas!

20 Fun Ways to Be More Productive at Home

If you’re looking for ways to not just relax, but also be productive while social distancing, here are a series of activities and tips for you! Like volunteering virtually, creating an online book club, and doing some DIY projects. Check it out!

23 Fun Activities to Do with Kids Using Stuff You Already Have at Home

“You don’t need to order a bunch of fancy, expensive stuff, and you don’t need a complicated setup. Just look around your house. Chances are, you already have the supplies you need”. Make fun with what you have with your kids! Activities like making homemade playdough, creating a marble run, a homemade obstacle course, playing balloon volleyball – and tons more. Get movin’!

9 Social Distancing Activities That Are Actually Fun

“Even though you can’t physically hang out with your friends right now, there are still fun things you can do together of the remote variety”. Cooking competitions, workouts, Netflix parties, and quaranTHEME’s. Sign us up.

50 Things to Make Staying Home Easier While Social Distancing

If you’re looking for new ideas of what you can do at home while social distancing, here are specific links and activities – from entertainment, new hobbies, eating and drinking, and socializing. All the gadgets, programs, and items you need.

14 Things to Do While Stuck At Home During The Coronavirus Quarantine — This Week On “Did You See This?”

Here are some videos to keep you busy with the latest news. Artists streaming online to hold you over until their next concert, online museums, movie releases being postponed in theaters but coming straight to your tv and more. Check them out!