As we are trying to understand and make sense of these times, one of the most productive things we can do is find the positives and take action. That’s why in today’s link roundup we’re providing helpful tips, recipes, a list of what to do while quarantined, how to occupy your child if they’re home from school, and how to recession-proof your biz. Focusing on the positives and learning how to take action will help keep us motivated and proactive. Check it out!

9 Easy Pantry Meals to Make

If you’ve been stocking up on food, non-perishables, or pantry items, chances are you have a decent array of food, but no idea on what to do with all of it. We’ve got you covered. Here are 9 meals you can make from pantry items.

Freezer Hacks: What Can you Freeze?

If you’re buying produce, doubling recipes, or are unsure of what you can put in the freezer to make your food last longer, here are all your answers. You can actually freeze things like dairy, pastries, and sweets. Find out a running list of what else you can put in the freezer – and some other freezer hacks, here!

How to Entertain Your Young Children During a Quarantine

If you’re a parent and your child’s school has taken measures to either provide online schooling or postpone school attendance for a period of time, you need a plan with your little ones. Here are some ideas on how to entertain your young kids during a quarantine. Whether you’re also working from home or not. Like – keeping a schedule, asking for help with chores, and even allowing them to keep in touch with their friends at school. Check it out.

100 Things to Do While Stuck Inside Due to a Pandemic

Whether you are working from home, cannot work due to the pandemic, you’re a stay at home parent or a college student, you probably are wondering what else you can do besides binge Netflix while social distancing. Here are 100 things to do! (Comment below when you’ve done them!)

7 Ways to Make Your Business Thrive in Tough Economic Times

If you’re a business owner during this time and have never been through an economic hardship – this one is for you. How to protect cash flow, focusing on core competencies, and making the most of current customers and clients (and more). Check it out!

3 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Company–and Why Right Now Is the Best Time to Do It

If you loved the previous blog, and are looking for even more tips, here are a few more that you need, to make your business recession-proof.