If you are conducting your job search during this time, especially with the environment we are in right now, a phone interview or FaceTime interview may be the only option being offered. Luckily, these types of interviews are extremely convenient. You can do the interview anywhere and you don’t have to commute or physically go to an office. Which makes it essential that you prepare properly beforehand. Here’s how.

Do Your Research and Have All Necessary Documents

Your phone/FaceTime interview should be treated as a regular interview. Perform background research and familiarize yourself with the company and its agenda. You should ensure you have print outs of the job description and your resume in front of you, along with a notepad to jot down any unique details. This is also an opportunity to have a list of questions prepared regarding the role or the company. As far as attire, regardless if the interview is a phone or a FaceTime interview, be sure to dress accordingly. Subconsciously this will prepare you mentally and get you in the right mindset. You’re going to have to share and discuss your skills and qualifications over the phone, so feeling confident during this time is key.

When reviewing the job description, consider all aspects of the position. Evaluate your salary expectations, as well as what benefits you would need/prefer. When these aspects of the job are discussed, you’ll be prepared to give feedback. Knowing the details about the role is important.

Evaluate Your Voicemail

Evaluating your voicemail is something that can be easily overlooked but is also equally as important. Your voicemail greeting should be professional, and your name should be clearly stated. Test your voice mailbox to ensure you have enough space to receive voicemails as well. There is nothing worse than missing someone’s call and not knowing what the call was regarding, or who the call was from because they were unable to leave a message. To avoid this, have someone call you and try to leave you a voicemail. If it says your voicemailbox is full – take this time to delete messages that are no longer necessary to free up space.

Confirm Interview Details

Prior to the call, you should reconfirm the date and time of the interview. This will help avoid any miscommunication. Once the time and date are confirmed, add the interview to your calendar on your phone and set a reminder as well. Aim to be ready at least 15 minutes prior to the call so you are prepared ahead of time. As far as interview details, be sure to discuss who will be calling who so there are no mix-ups.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

There are also some unique considerations you should be aware of when doing a phone interview, like background noise. Trying to do the interview in a public place, in the car with the windows down – or anywhere that you can’t control noise, can create stress, bad connection, or difficult communication. Find a quiet, comfortable place to take the call where you won’t be bothered or distracted. You should also factor technology into the equation. Be sure you are in good connection, the proper programs are downloaded, that you’re logged in, your phone is fully charged, and that the interviewer on the other end can hear you clearly.

Ask About Next Steps

Once the phone interview is complete – you should have somewhat of an idea whether the interview went well or if you or the interviewer feel that you are not fit for the position. If you are still interested in the position post-interview, take a minute to ask about the next steps. Knowing this will help you determine how to follow up.

Follow Up

If it’s been a few days since the interview, or it’s been longer than the interviewer said they would reach out – consider following up. People get busy, the company may be interviewing other candidates, or they may be waiting to hear back from their team on decisions, etc. Following up not only shows your interest but also gives the process a little nudge as well.