With networking events very limited due to COVID-19, people must adapt to online networking. Knowing how to approach someone during such a crucial time may help you when you are least expecting it.



Business Cards Ready

Have your business cards on deck to potentially give to the person you just met. Depending on the vibe of the conversation, hand one to them when you are wrapping up the conversation. If you are networking online, try and get their email address to send a message to them. Usually, most companies have their information within the email signature.

Make Yourself Memorable

When you are networking it is key to try and make a connection. Whether that be over a common interest or previous experience, this helps you remember who they are and vice versa.


How people perceive you is very important. Since you may not be able to make a connect in-person, getting creative on ways to interact online helps. For example, ask to set up a zoom interview to meet face-to-face to build more of a personable connection.



Be Overly Aggressive

If you have someone in mind that you want to connect with, don’t be shy! Connect with them by trying to add them or send a message. Give it a couple of days for a response and keep in mind when you sent them a message. Was it during the beginning of the week, or was it later? Some people do not check their accounts on the weekends so if you try and reach out towards the weekend, chances are, they may not get back to you in a couple of days.

Remember people are still very busy. Depending on the platform you reached out on, you are able to tell when that person was last online. Knowing this, wait a couple of days before you try and follow up with them. Depending on the industry they are in, they may be swamped with work or only able to check their phone during a certain time of day. Do not be discouraged if it takes them a bit to check the message and respond!

Connect With Someone To Ask A Favor

People always like to feel appreciated. If you are trying to connect with someone for only your gain, you may not have the right intentions. Although you may be looking for something from this specific person you need to reevaluate your approach. Try and steer away from asking for a favor in your initial message because the person receiving the message may not want to connect.