Hiring may have stopped or slowed down for some companies because of the global pandemic. With unemployment at an all time high, you may have been furloughed or laid off. Although hiring has slowed in some industries, companies are still filling positions. After your job search, you may be one of the lucky ones fortunate enough to begin a new job.

Absorb As Much Information As You Can

You landed the job, now you are about to begin. You will most likely need to be trained in order to see the job duties performed as well as how the company operates. When you are just beginning it is important to not only pay attention to what is being presented to you but also other cues. How are your co-workers dressed? How are their desks organized? How do they approach other co-workers? Being observant will allow you to see how the company culture is and how your co-workers are/socialize.

Some people are beginning their new job remotely because of the global heath crisis. If you fall into this category, make sure you take great notes to reflect on. Unlike being present in the office, before it was easy to ask a quick question. When working remote you may not have easy access for someone to answer your question.

Being the new hire can be difficult at times to blend into the culture. Picking out something on their desk or even their avatar picture online can help you strike up a conversation with them and become personable.

Continue to Study

By now you’ve completed your first day or even first week. Reflect on exactly what you did. Look back at your notes or guides to help you remember the exact routine that needs to be completed to check that task off your to-do list. You can also indicate what you did on each day and try to remember what you did. This will help you begin to understand the routine.

Remember to Ask Questions

It is always important to understand what you are trying to do at your next job. If you do not comprehend, just ask question! Often times the person who trains you is leaving the company so they are a great source to use. Another source of training is with guides or templates. Make sure you read through them and indicate anything you may have a question on. It is better to ask and understand how to solve the issue then to guess and really mess up. Every one is human and mistakes happen but you want to try and eliminate as many as you can!

Tackle Each Day As a New Start

Remember, each day is a new beginning and having a positive mindset as you begin can really impact how you transition. If you make a mistake one day, it happens, but how you bounce back after is the true test. Be excited to learn!