Cover letters are meant to enhance the job seekers application. By taking your time to really generate a cover letter, it may help your chances of being hired. Here are some tips below:

Importance of Cover Letter

This piece of writing is important for many reasons. For starters, it demonstrates your ability to write. Companies read this document and if there are multiple mistakes or your thoughts are all over the place, it reflects on you poorly. As they read it, the company is gaining a perspective of you. This is often, their true first impression of you instead of your resume. Do not forget to proofread!

Your resume is a very concise version of your work accomplishments/ experiences while your cover letter expresses these achievements/ skills in a more conversational manner as well as express why you are interested in the position and company. In other words, if articulated successfully, a cover letter can be perceived as a “pitch” to lure in employers to contact you.

Research Company to Tailor Cover Letter  

The first step is finding a position that you are interested in. Next, begin to research that company to find out more about them. Do you think you will fit into their dynamic? Do you know basic information about how the company operates? These are just a couple questions to consider when you begin to tailor your cover letter. Apply your research to the body of your cover letter. Clarify how your previous accomplishments may be a good fit for the company because of certain similarities.

Remember to be specific about why you think you would bring value to the company if you were hired. Try to avoid blanket statements because those are broad and typical. Figure out a way to allow your personality to shine through while still being professional.

Utilize Specific Information

Having a general template for your cover letter is boring and can be easily spotted by the company when they look at it. From your research, you can find additional information such as, the correct person to address, job duties of the position, and company values or objectives. Take this information and utilize it to your advantage

Include If Possible

If your job application has a place to upload your cover letter – upload it. Sometimes it is a requirement, while other times it is not. By adding your cover letter, it can give more of a first impression of you and show the company a better understanding of your intentions or qualifications. How serious are you in your job hunt? Your cover letter can address that.

By including your cover letter when it may not be required also demonstrates different positive attributes about yourself such as, but not limited to, being organized, focused, and persistent. Persistency is shown because you are providing another document to show your interest regarding the position. Organization and focus are illustrated because you have taken the time to formulate the cover letter and therefore focused in your job hunt. Remember, if formulated correctly, your cover letter can really help you!

Using the Same Cover Letter? 

A key component of a cover letter is to create a new one based off the position and company you are applying to. Keep the same ‘format’ such as: addressing the correct person, putting a specific date, and describing your skills/accomplishments to benefit the company in the position you are interested in. However, you want to specialize your cover letter based off your research so you should try and avoid using the same cover letter that may have general information for every job you apply to.