You went on your interview and now you are stuck asking yourself, what should I do next? Don’t panic, we have the insight you are looking for! There are a few things that companies desire that will entail help you out more to receive that job offer you wish for.

Attention to Detail

What is the type of job that you applied for? Was your resume tailored to that type of position? Your skill set plays a huge role because implementing specific words or stats is exactly what you want to do to demonstrate similarities. In other words, fixing your resume to specifically meet the requirements of the job posting may increase your chances of receiving that call back you are looking for.

Before you arrive to the interview, the company may request a couple of documents. Make sure you double check, and then check again to show how attentive you are when it comes to details. Not arriving with proper documentation is just another reason for employers to not call you back.

Take Your Time When Applying

When you are applying to jobs and generating your resume, make sure you can defend your prior experiences in the interview. There are specific qualifications listed on the job posting and during the interview, if you cannot explain your experiences in regard to the posting, this is often the main reason why someone will not get a call back post interview.

Take Initiative

Following up after the interview is the final component. Waiting a couple of days after your interview to reach out via email or phone always leaves the employer with a final impression of you. If you choose to write an email, make sure you add a personalized touch to it, so it doesn’t sound generic. Picking up the phone and talking to someone such as the receptionist or getting through to the actual person who interviewed you also shows a positive initiative on your end. Either option will work however, when you approach them make sure you complete this action within a week post interview.

Self-Reflect on Experience

No response? Do not take it personally. Reflect on all aspects of your experience. Did you do any research on the company to help personalize your responses to their questions during the interview? Did your resume have any typos? How was your body language? These are a couple examples of questions that you can reflect with.

If you believe you answered to the best of your ability all while projecting good body language, maybe the company saw something different in you to decide that you may not be a good fit. In other words, the answer you may be searching for may be out of your control.

Your References

References are meant to enhance your job application. Is the information you provide on your application correct? How is their online platform displayed in a simple Google search? Companies often run into trouble because of references. It is very easy for the company to do quick research and if something alerts them because of their findings online, it will impact you negatively. Next, if the information is not accurate when they try to reach out to them, they simply will not get the answers they were looking for, which again, impacts you negatively. It is crucial you double check this information!