Everyone loves tools that are free and improve your productivity. So we compiled a list of 10 free business resources for you to utilize. Enjoy.

Session Buddy

Session Buddy is a free Google Chrome extension designed to “group” your tabs. For example, if you are working on a project and you have multiple tabs open relating to that one specific project, add it to Session Buddy and it will save the tabs as a group. You can give them a title, and then you can close out of those tabs at any time. Then when you’re ready to continue, you go into Session Buddy, “open all tabs” of that group and it will reload all tabs in a separate window. Easy peasy.


Grammarly is a useful Google Chrome add-on for anyone who writes frequently, or anyone sending emails (which is typically everyone in the workforce). Grammarly not only helps with your spelling, but it picks up on Grammar mistakes and provides suggestions so you can ensure your text is grammatically correct. This is also a free extension, however, there is a paid version with added features if you wish to upgrade.

Canva or PicMonkey

Canva and PicMonkey are both websites that are used more for graphic employees such as small business owners, anyone in marketing, or social media. On these sites you can create almost anything – they have templates for every social platform, access to thousands of free images, animated features, and it is all incredibly user friendly.

Capitalize My Title

Capitilize my title is also generally for any writers, bloggers, the grammatically correct email. You simply paste a title of a paragraph into the website, select what the title is going to be for – typically the standard one suffices for all-and it automatically capitalizes each word for you based on the proper form. It’s easy, quick, and helpful.


Mailchimp is one of the most used and recommended mass email marketing and campaign tools out there. Mailchimp houses your templates, contact list, provides analytics to keep track of how many subscribers opened your email, anyone who may have unsubscribed, and who clicked on specific links, and more. This resource is a great tool to provide newsletters, send mass information, and stay in touch with clients and customers.

Google Calendar

Unlike Outlook and Apple Calendar, Google Calendar allows you to color-code your events. For example, in-house meetings can be in blue, events can be in red, calls in yellow, etc. So when you are looking at your events/schedule at a glance color coding allows for quick deciphering of what you have scheduled.

Aside from simple integration, useability, sharing features, and easily customizable notifications, you can also have multiple “calendars” under one user. For example, if you wanted to have a “work” calendar, as well as a personal calendar, you can select and unselect each to view together or individually.

If that wasn’t enough to encourage you to utilize Google Calendar, Business Insider states, it has a “colorful, spaced-out style that makes even a particularly packed schedule look tidy and organized across every page of the mobile app.” While also “automatically decorat[ing] your events with stock images based on their titles.”


Hootsuite is a brilliant productivity tool for the busy business owner or social media/marketing specialist. This website allows you to preschedule any and all social media content. You can save posts as drafts, duplicate posts, post one single post on multiple platforms, add hashtags, emojis, and more. The newer version of Hootsuite also suggests, based on your following, when the best times to post are. In addition, you are also provided detailed analytics such as likes, comments, views, shares to observe as well.

Google Docs

For clients or customers who do not have access to Microsoft Office, Google Docs is a great alternative in sharing information and composing projects. This platform is known for its shareability, usability, and even allows for collaboration between users. Simple and effective.


Zoom became most known during COVID-19 when the work-from-home shift occurred. However, Zoom has always been a useful tool in the workforce. It’s free to use, allows for up to 45-minute meetings at a time, you can schedule meetings, plan reoccurring meetings, the video quality is great, the usability is easy and you can have multiple users on one zoom- call at a time.

Online Image Resizer

This last resource may be more niche, however, if you are adding an image to any site or platform online, this website allows you to shrink the size of your image to take up less “space” (as far as data) while keeping the quality of the image.

What websites, apps or extensions do you utilize to improve your productivity?


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