Team bonding is significantly underrated, or simply ignored in the workplace. Although these activities may seem like time that is being taken away from income building activities – it is just the opposite. Team bonding is one of the most vital tasks that you can do for a business. As a manager/employer – employee’s happiness should be the number one focus of your organization. When there is a room full of people who collaborate well, appreciate and respect one another, and have strong communication – the rest of the business’s tasks are much easier to tackle. Here are 10 in-office team bonding activities to implement in 2020.

1. Office Relay

Activity:  This game is great for team bonding, and is exactly as it sounds – a relay race for the office. Develop a series of games to play which make up a course. Create an even number of people and teams, and there you have your game! The first team to finish the series of games – wins! You can even incorporate an incentive as well, such as a coffee shop gift card, or maybe a free half-day of PTO (Haha!) If you’re looking for an activity in the office that creates some lighthearted fun and friendly competition – this is it. Office relay races develop camaraderie, support, encouragement, and teamwork.

Prep Time: Medium: Set up Course, Games, Teams, Time and Date.
Whatever is needed for the games.

2. Ice Cream Bar

Activity: Host an ice-cream bar! Bring in ingredients, a few different kinds of ice creams, and various toppings. The ice-cream bar can be done during lunch or near the end of a workday. Whether the manager/boss supplies this, or you establish this activity like a potluck where each member brings in something instead – either way works! There is no bonding like the bonding done overeating some ice cream.

Prep Time – Minimal.
Supplies Needed – Bring in ice creams and toppings, bowls, utensils, etc.

3. Appreciation/Compliment Circle

Activity: Everyone stands in a circle and takes turns complimenting or sharing what they appreciate about the person on their right. When that is done all the way through, direct the circle back the other way and compliment the person on the left. This develops and strengthens relationships, allows people to feel appreciated, and emphasizes communication.

Prep Time: None.
Supplies Needed: None.

4. Potluck

Activity: Schedule a “potluck” day where employees can volunteer to bring in a different dish. You can organize the list via email and have anyone volunteer by adding their dish to the list. Then pick a day to do the potluck and sit and eat together! This creates comradery, helpfulness by sharing different homemade meals and recipes, and doing so can strengthen relationships.

Prep Time: Minimal.
Supplies Needed: BYODish.

5. Tie-Dye Hour

Activity: Another fun group team bonding activity – everyone brings in their own clothing item or can pitch in a few dollars and have someone get a pack for the group, bring the tie-dye and take an hour out of your day to tie-dye some clothes! This allows staff to be creative, take a break, loosen up and have fun together! Then you all have something to take away from it!

Prep Time: Medium: Set up Station, Get Supplies, Pick a Time and Date.
Supplies Needed: Can be supplied by the company, or each person can bring in an item, dye, rubber bands, plastic bags, and plastic drop cloth to sit on top of your table to dye on.

6. 18-Year Benchmark Game

Activity: Have everyone sit in a circle and takes turns sharing their biggest accomplishment before turning 18. This gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other better and sharing successes builds confidence and even discover commonalities.

Prep Time: None.
Supplies Needed: None.

7. “Who Would You Invite for Dinner” Game

Activity: Circle up the staff, and takes turns sharing who they would want to have dinner with. The question to ask/answer: “If you could invite any 3 people (living or passed) to a dinner party, who would you invite?”. This creates understanding and allows employees to get to know each other better.

Prep Time: None.
Supplies Needed: None.

8. Create a Memory Wall

Activity:  Have the team draw/sketch memories that have been made together during their time at the company, and pin them up in the office! This can be done during the holidays, the New Year – or just because. This activity allows the staff to share, recreate and relive memories made together which strengthens relationships. The ultimate team bonding activity.

Prep Time: Minimal/None.
Supplies Needed: Paper/pens/pencils/markers/highlighters, etc.

9. Silver Lining

Activity: This game involves “seeing the silver lining“. Get the team together and pair people up based on collaborative work. For example – two people who work on a certain project together, complete a task together, collaborate, etc. One member will share a negative experience from a situation, and the other will share a positive experience from the same situation – or the “silver lining”. Then each member switches from a different point of view. This allows people to understand different points of view and gives them the chance to reframe their experience by developing an understanding of how important communication really is.

Prep Time: Minimal.
Supplies Needed:

10. Napkin Game

Activity: Research a “problem and solution”, write the answer on the back of a napkin, break the team into small groups, present the problem and let them solve it! They can be questions related to your business, problems relating to the world, or irrelevant problems. Each team takes a napkin and a pen and draws solutions as a chart/graph, or sketch. Then one person (the head of the game) or everyone evaluates all solutions and picks one. This develops creative thinking, teamwork, and even the chance to create some great company ideas.

Prep Time: Minimal: Research.
Supplies Needed: Napkins, Pens.


What team building activities have you participated in?