The clock strikes 5 o’clock, which means it’s time for you to go home! However, there is a company event going on after work! Should you go? Absolutely! Company events are a great way to find more enjoyment in your job and also benefit your career. It may be tempting to turn down any after-hours functions, but they typically are very rewarding and can have a positive impact on your career life and your work environment. Why you ask? Check out the benefits below.

Team Building

Although you may feel as if you’ve put in enough ‘work hours’, you should definitely give consideration to attending company events. Obviously, the mileage you get out of going will depend on the event, but it’s typically a rewarding experience. Going to work functions allows you to interact with colleagues in a way you can’t at work. The setting is more relaxed, and any tense situations from work are (hopefully) left there as well. This allows everyone to interact in a new light, and talk about things they may not at work! These conversations open doors to many new topics with which you may find a common interest. You could walk away from the event with a new friend at work, or at least have something new to talk about.

It’s also a great way to truly feel as if you are a team. Projects, deadlines, and meetings can all be extremely stressful. Tension can be high, and it can easily get heated between employees as things come close to a deadline. Obviously, these stressful situations are just in the nature of work. However, if you are only with your team during tense times, you will be weaker for it. That downtime is incredibly necessary.

Grow Your Network

Making time to relax and connect with your coworkers will help you all function better as a team both in and out of a work. You may even meet people from other departments that you’ve never met! (Depending on the size of your company of course.) Activities like these are also great opportunities to chat with superiors and managers that work above you. Since you may not get the chance otherwise, it offers a unique opportunity if they attend. Building strong relationships throughout your organization is always a smart move.

It may be tough to find the motivation to attend, but if you do, you’ll rarely walk away from the event regretting your attendance. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other employees, and find new common ground. The snacks, food, drinks, and fun to be had are just an added bonus! We hope this motivates you to consider your next company event! What has your experience been like at work events? Share your story in the comments below if you have one!

Stand Out

The more you attend work events, the more well known, and comfortable, you are around the company. Showing up is great, but being an active participant makes you stand out even more. One of the best ways to do so is to ask questions. If you know some of the attendees, or if other companies are attending– do some research prior so you feel more comfortable communicating with them. It’s also beneficial to have some questions in your back pocket when you just need a conversation starter.