According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of September 2022, unemployment remains on a steady decline, though the demands of job seekers stand persistent. However, whether intentional or not, a job search can pose uncertainty when deciding where to begin. In this blog, we will pride 5 resources, all of which are entirely FREE, that will assist in your job search.


An otherwise obvious answer, utilizing a recruiter in your job search is at the top of our list, for reasons including the following:

  • Our services for job seekers from resume submission to interviews to job placement are entirely FREE
  • Our recruiters strive to develop a long-lasting relationship with each candidate in the event an opportunity presents itself in the future
  • You will be matched with a recruiter whose goal is to find your perfect job fit which includes, salary, benefits, location/remote flexibilities, and culture, amongst other details
  • If you’re qualified for one of our open roles, our recruiter will not only schedule the interview with our client, but they’ll also provide tips and tricks to ace the interview


Career Fair

A simple google search will provide you with local career fairs that can be publicly attended. Career fairs are a great resource for job seekers for reasons including the following:

  • It’s completely FREE to browse a career fair and personally hand your resume to positions of interest
  • One of the few in-person resources available for job seekers post-COVID
  • A great way to have a one-on-one conversation with a potential employer
  • Access to multiple companies and/or recruiting offices in one location



Think of LinkedIn as your billboard. A LinkedIn profile goes well beyond a resume in exhibiting your work history, education, and skill set. LinkedIn is another great resource for job seekers for reasons including the following:

  • Setting up a LinkedIn account is entirely FREE
  • You can connect and network with other professionals in your industry
  • Search companies of interest and browse their open jobs list if available
  • Stay up to date on your industry’s current trends



Indeed, is a great resource for job seekers as it is widely used amongst recruiters and hiring managers when searching for qualified candidates to fill their open roles. Additionally, Indeed is a great resource for job seekers for reasons including the following:

  • Create a FREE Indeed account where you can upload your resume or create one using their template
  • Filter your job search by location, company, or experience level
  • Set up job alerts for a list of open jobs emailed to you periodically
  • Research average salaries by company and job title



Finally, Monster is another great resource for job seekers for reasons including the following:

  • Create an account for FREE where you can browse open jobs in your area
  • Filter your job search by keyword, company, and location
  • Receive a free resume assessment
  • Great for recent graduates to research salaries by major as well as entry-level jobs
  • Receive free career advice from other professionals


These are just 5 of many resources that can be utilized when searching for employment. A job search can be intimidating, though, when given the right tools, can become a breeze. For further assistance in your job search please give us a call at (518) 275-4816 or submit your resume here, where our recruiters work diligently to find your perfect job fit!